New Meepo NLS 3.0?

Main points i see are the New Hobbywing ESC Instead of Ling Yi as well as a P42A Pack.

Also a new green color scheme. Looks pretty cool. Thoughts?


Kind of looks like a better voyager with a worse battery but better esc?

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This is a DIY forum. The only thing that comes to my mind is “this is probably slow, my vanguard can lap this”


This is a huge downgrade :face_vomiting: LingYis are more reliable and won’t randomly cut out right after forcing the brakes on as hard as possible :upside_down_face:



It was a very known issue with Hobbywing controllers back in 2020 and caused many injuries since it would happen out of nowhere. I don’t trust them for that reason but also because I prefer to only get injured due to my own mistakes

ive never heard of this


ay cmon, it’s an esk8 forum over everything else

we must welcome all esk8ers!

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board looks meh tho fr

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welcome the skater but shun the prebuilt

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That’s the spirit.

u r going EUC, shhhhh


It also isn’t 2020 anymore


The color scheme reminds me of a bike you would get for a pre-teen boy.

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Those walmart bmx bikes