New FSEC 6.6 issue

Hello i recently purchased the flipsky 6.6 a few weeks ago and its been going great without a hickup, only last night when i took my board out for a short ride one of my motors stopped spinning mid ride, this happened after turning a corner. i was not going fast or pushing the board as hard as i do normally on other days as it was around 10pm so visibility was pretty poor in the city + pedestrians etc. any ways

i got it home and looked over my METR data and nothing out of the ordinary for that ride everything was within safe values. 30 amp max current is what my battery can handle till i get the cells to build a new one.

i pluged it in to the PC and ESC Tool to check it over and still no faults. i was able to do a motor detection and calibration whihc got the motor spinning. but there is no input from my control so i reset both vesc this morning and same issue.

when i power it on both sides look identical with their LED lights when i press brake or give very little throttle only 1 side of the vesc LEDs goes a bright green the other stays the same from when i turned it on

This sounds more like a remote/ reciver problem then a vesc problem to me but the vesc lighting up does make it should like it may be a vesc problem.

Edit: is one motor still spinning? Are you running can or split ppm?

It’s a duel 6.6 so it runs can

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Is one motor still spinning?

Yes one motor still spins, I believe its the slave side though.

The motor spins on the side that doesn’t work only through pc when I do motor calibration

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Are the can IDs set correctly?

0 and 1 it was working perfectly fine since I got it a few weeks ago just out of no where during a ride 1 motor stopped spinning

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You sure the can switch is set to ON? Ive had multiple fsesc6.6 that will drop out one vesc if I let it sit for a couple min. Even happened last night on my brand new 6.6 dual mini. Also had it with tee simplify 6.6. But mine usually will work again after a power cycle.

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Yep it’s on I never touched it

Try unplugging motor sensor wires and run unsensored. Happened to an Escape before.

Wondering if there is a way to fix it. I like my sensor motors

Did it work? Uncensored?


Never tested it I was at work. I’m heading home now to do some tests. I also contacted flipsky last night so I’ll share the same info here in a little while

Here is a Link to the vid that flipsky asked for maybe someone here knows what’s u p and its. A a simple sstupidd fiix

i never changed them after setting it up a few weeks ago when i got the vesc. it was workign perfectly fine then. i was monitoring temps and amp’s everythign is well below the average since im only using a 10s2p wowgo sanyo pack till i get the cells to build my 12s7p

Are you running a profile to limite acceleration/speed/ect?

what do you mean exactly i jsut set up the vesc accordingly with standard parameters within the limits

Ok nevermind then. You can set up different speed profiles for your vesc. Like this from the vesc app.

Try reflashing everything. And possibly moving your rx to the other vesc. I had what sounds like a similar issue, out riding, nothing crazy and motor stopped responding. Got back to the hotel and didn’t find any loose connections. So reflashed everything to factory settings and moved my rx, got it working just fine. I lost my reverse which I had grown accustomed to on my eMTB, but I was relieved to see nothing was dead.

i reflashed and re tested everything . i cant move the Rx as there is a cable coming out from the vesc. there is no can connector vissible as i believe its built into the board itself.