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New French law could lead to jail time and €30k fines for modding ebikes

Not esk8 but PEV related.

Gist of it:
"France does not look kindly upon e-bike owners that hot rod their wheels. The country has just introduced a law that could see “offenders” slapped with a maximum fine of €30,000 (US$34,000), and up to a year in jail. And they could have their driving license suspended for up to three years.

There are no caveats or loopholes, either – do anything to tune your e-bike for more speed or power and you could feel the wrath of the new law, known as French statutory provision L317-1. The rules also apply to importers, distributors and dealers."


That’s not excessive at all. The biggest issue is that they have very low top speed (25Kmh or 15mph) and max motor power limits (250W).

Edit: for those that missed it /S

That’s lame AF…


how is that not excessive, potential Jail time and a 30,000 euro fine? For ANY speed mod??


I really want to punch the guy or committee who came up with this. All we do is find ways to commute without polluting or making noise and they punish you. I really f***ING hate France for that.

I remember when I was in in year 2 in Australia and we had this amazing spelling game. Every week you had 5 words to write down and if you got them all right then you could select the next level of cards (words) anyway it was great. I once got 5 right but saw one word written down down (cheated) so when the teacher (she was great) have me the next level and I admitted I cheated and she was pleased I admitted it so have me a “mini merit” (schools rewarding system).
I similar scenario happend in year 8 in France. Guy was as dick in class and I said " can’t you just shut that big mouth of yours?" He was a bully and couldn’t find a better solution at the time to throw a pencil rubber at close proximity with full force. 2h later when I was in the CPE ( it the person that deals with problems, she was *****) I admitted it wasn’t the best thing to say (the teacher couldn’t handle it, she honestly shouldn’t have been a public school teacher)
And the CPE gave me 2 fucking hours of detention to me yet I received the bloddy rubber in my face.
Frenchism is a thing :neutral_face::-1:


I feel better now. I just let out all my feelings. Thank you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’m just scurrd - esk8 is less prevalent but you know eventually it will be applied to skateboards, its the natural progression.


seems like my murican duty to shackle you up with some free country people and get you green cards. they may demand a dowry of barbeque twisties, milo, milka, and seasonally flavored kitkats

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The hunt for money.

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lol wtf.
inb4 they jail someone on a 250w ebike pedaling downhill getting radared to be faster than the legal limit


I am french and have been riding at 30-40km/h for 2 years almost in a large city (300k inhabitants).
Granted I did not modify anything on my board and I act pretty much like a car on the road, I have never been stopped or yelled at by the police.
These guys have much more important things to do in our streets than to control the speed and state of an edgy young man’s electric vehicule.
They can’t event prove how fast you are going because radars don’t work very well on riders and they have no “bench” like device to see how fast the wheels turn.
The point of these (albeit very dumb) laws is to provide and framework and procedures that we are so attached to in good ol’ europe, this will probably never be enforced in our streets.
So yeah, it’s dumb, as is the 25km/h and 250W law, but we’ll continue to ride and make these laws and the politicans mindset evolve over time, we’re just slower to adapt than you muricans it seems :man_shrugging:


na man in merica we don’t give a fuck till like 1,000 people die, or uppidy housewives figure out they wana bitch about the safety of kids. Then laws against fun get made.

when I was riding in France I had no issues either.


we have like 3 power levels of ev bikes in Illinois (Depending on wattage and speed from what I remember)
They treat it like a motorcycle, like wtf? CCs of a combustion engine and watts of an electric motor are very different… but guess no one told them that cause I think around 750 watts is tier 3 and a speed of 28 mph (max tier of ev bike classification in IL) and it needs a goddamn speedometer at that class. I Don’t know if that nessecarily applies to esk8. But it’s so dumb. Like ‘ohhh watch out, they can keep up at 28 mph with the neighborhood soccer moms in there vans on Sunday’


Actually I think that the issue is rooted deep…


I think if he tired hard enough he could measure how thick his skull was.
If there’s a will there’s a way.
Meanwhile writes up 30,000$ fine for the speed of sweat that rolled down his forehead


Protect petrol oil industry along with its taxes.
That’s the answer you were looking for.