NEW Clever 6x2 tires and tubes California will ship anywhere

5 unused Clever 6x2 tires and tubes, one tire unwrapped but unmounted, 4 brand new wrapped tires n tubes, one blowed the fukk up tube (exchanges atmospheric pressure with internal tube pressure…i.e. big ass hole…). I bought these a month or so ago without research and they DO NOT fit on any of my hubs.

My loss your gain, I’m in the USA Escondido Ca. 92025 I want $60 bux clear so buyer pays Paypal fee and shipping…

no dibs… no worries… PM me for my Paypal if you’re serious, tire kickers will be hazed, and I’ll send them on their way the very next day after payment is received… I’m not afraid of USPS, DHL, FedEx, or international… below will be the calcs for shipping for you to work it out how you want to ship them and the cost it’s that easy… no questions will be answered about shipping… all other questions feel free to ask below…

thanks for looking… this will be up for as long as I feel like, someone buys these gems, or until I decide to 3d print up some widened hubs to fit these tires…

Shipping Info:

  • located Escondido, So. Ca. USA 92025


  • Box 183gr 11x8.5x5.5 inches USPS Medium Flat Rate Box one Rate any weight was $15 shipped USPS from Portland, Or. Priority 3-Day, Tracked for ref…
  • Unwrapped tire w/o tube 253gr
  • 4 Wrapped tires and tubes 333gr x 4 = 1332gr
  • broke dick tube 100gr
  • total 1868gr, let’s say 2kg or 4.4lbs shipped…
    there is the weights and box sizes and location, don’t ask me shipping costs, you know where you live I don’t, and I don’t know how you want them shipped…

Deduct 100gr if you don’t want the broke dick esploded tube…

thanks for looking




i knooooow fuck
i would even drive to go get them. But im already in the dog house
wanna buy em and Ill sell the enclosure later today?

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@skate420 heyooooo


and yeah @robot I’m recycling the box you sent the TB AT tires n hubs to me in…

re-use, recycle, relax


Want to ship em back?

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the TB ATs… no way jay…

the Clevers

I’m game


Homie I was ready to buy but now I just wanna kick em :face_with_monocle:

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mods close this k00kfest thread down when ya gets a chance
@BillGordon @mmaner @kook

25 mins…


U like 10min away From me. Didn’t know u where that close

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I spend most of the time at the GFs place 30mins north…

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imaginary kick-away… I shall not deter you!

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I’m in 4s ranch upper poway
We gotta link n ride