New battery build, conflicted about which cells to use.

Samsung 50E cells on the left, Lishen LR2170LA cells on the right.

how I think of total power capacity is telling me I should build the 1080Wh pack that the calc tells me will give me 72km range.

3x power level is throwing me off though, would I theoretically get more range out of the high amp pack? is the 50A 25Ah 1080Wh pack even worth it? or is it the longer lasting pack?

my main priorities are range and uphills.

I already own both cells so it’s not a matter of cost. the cells I end up not using will be repurposed for an eBike.

packs will be made with direct discharge and a charge-only BMS

25% extra capacity or 3x power?

This is where @Battery_Mooch’s lovely cell discharge curves come in nicely.

If you look up the profiles of each cell and how they perform while discharging, I think you will have your answer.

Lishen LR2170LA cell:

Samsung 50E cell:

Couldn’t find the dedicated thread for the 50e but this graph includes 10A profile.

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Oh… Uhh… Check back in 3 minutes :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It depends on your settings, but I’d say use the LR2170LA on the esk8 and the 50E on the ebike.

If you kept low settings in your ESC, no more than 24A “battery max” per ESC (two motors) then the 50E would actually be better in the esk8. This would still be plenty powerful. If you plan to exceed this specific setting than I would use the LR2170LA no question at all in the esk8. Keeping that number low also buys you more range.

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I’ve done a few tests on hills with a 12x4 pack of 30q (same drivetrain I’m using for this pack) and I’ve found most hills don’t demand more than about 45A so I think this would be okay.

those charts actually make it more difficult to decide. the 50E performs pretty well.

edit: oh I see, at half the current.

Really? I was hoping you could overlay 2 cells of your choosing but I just aligned them at different points and compared mentally.

Samsung 50E, 50E2, or 50E3? Makes a big difference.
The 50E2 and 50E3 have a “2” or “3” (respectively) in the lower left of the wrap printing…


what’s the functional difference between them?

I’ve got the 50E (no #)

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The 50E2 and 50E3 perform noticeably better, later generation cells.

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Damn I got the shitty early cells.

IMO, with Samsung 50E’s (not 50E2 or 50E3) the Lishen LA will be the better choice at anything over about 10A per cell, perhaps even less. There’s a lot of voltage sag with the original 50E and there are a lot of old 50E’s out there too.

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Sorry to hear. They sell for less and fool a lot of people as the existence of the 50E2 and 50E3 isn’t widely known.

Yup I’ve got 60 of them in a drawer. I guess they’re going to become an ebike.

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That’s 25A battery max per ESC in dual drive configuration

Willing to sell me two so I can test them and add them to my tables and posted test reports? That will help spread the word a bit.

While that’s definitely enough for esk8, if the performance drops off halfway through discharge it doesn’t even matter.

Could use a 10Ah cell but that number is meaningless if you go 10kph for the last 6Ah

Damn mooch for all you’ve done for the community (here and ECF) I’ll just send them for the good of the testing. Shoot me postal.

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Awesome, thank you!
PM being sent.

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thanks to this comment I got this:

which sheds more light

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