New AEBoard Hubs/Wheels

Anyone try these out yet? I’m reaching out to them to see if I can get ahold of just the hubs/wheels to use for shock absorption on my first re-build, the Serpent-W board.

However, I’m not abject to spending $550 on the cheapest version of their board and marrying the two boards into one.

Looking for feedback, as what I’ve seen so far looks promising, but as always the proof is in the pudding.

I don’t want to link here to there, so if you want to know what I’m talking about, check out Fabi’s last YT video, or look at’s last board.


I reached out to them and got a response right away. I ended up buying just the motors/wheels/trucks for $400. I probably should have just bought the whole board and sold whatever I didn’t need, but I have enough stuff sitting around for garage sale day so didn’t.

Waiting for them to get here just to take them on a test ride and see how it deals with the vibrations on my Serpent-W deck (solid metal deck).


Wheels got here today, but no trucks. I don’t have this style of motor truck sitting around, either. I’ll have to wait to try them out. In the meantime, pictures!

Next to TB110 for comparison 5-pin sensor connector, no temp


yeah man keep us posted about how these feel and compare to other hubs =)

The trucks arrived, continuing with my “research”. Will have to wait for another shipment though, as both the front wheels I received were off-center, and a test ride on the wheels would probably deliver foot-shattering vibrations. Topic on pause yet again.


These are the same as basically 800 other Chinese boards. They all use the same hub motor, that are weak, can’t take much current, have weak brakes, and are basically hover board motors repurposed for electric skateboards (new winding and mounts to a weird looking truck).

They may or may not work ok, but you also get what you pay for. There’s nothing I see here that make these unique from all of the other companies are buying garbage from the same factory and just slapping their name on it and now they are a company… lol. No original designs.

For about $200 more, you could of bought some real, original designed, built by skaters for skaters, without profit margins in mind, hub motors with soft plush wheels and lifetime warrenty. cough cough

They might be, or might not be. Case in point, Exway is a Chinese company yet they managed to capture the interest of quite a few people to put it mildly. DJI makes a pretty mean drone, too. Don’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Remember, I wound my own motors too, and they are still working great.

Oh, and I’m in on the Kickstarter already, so try not to sound so preach-y. There’s already enough drama on that thread with Devin. My goal was to test and show whether or not these things are any good, even when I am given the best and maybe only good set of them in existence. You know as well as I do that no matter what, some people will always go the cheaper route.


the airless thane looks better than the black “105mm rubber wheels” hubs though

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Don’t get me wrong, they could have easily made some changes that make them better. The tires for one look better being airless.

They are very small though and will defiantly be limited in current. Small stators are limited in current output as they saturate and once a stator saturates, they struggle the flip poles and generate a bit load of heat in the process. It’s an exponential equation that takes off very quickly.

The only hubs so far I’ve found that use a large enough stator are enertion hubs and hummie hubs. And we’ve all seen what’s happened to enertion hubs…

I’ve been preaching this for over a year now and still, no Chinese company will listen.

How is it that 2 guys with zero motor knowledge in the beginning have beat every engineer with engineering degrees in building a better motor? Cause they engineer for profit and we don’t.

They might be fine so lighter guys at slower speeds.

But at that price point, you can’t make a high quality motor and still make a profit, which is what they are all about. Even if you make 1000s. Magnets+good glues+good wheels easily take a motor over $100 each, before the stator costs, truck costs bearing costs, Machining costs, and paying a guy to wind, glue press and assemble. Even if you make 1000 motors, it would easily cost $400, even 100% in China, to make a set of motors using good magnets and glues and bearings.

I don’t mean to sound like a hater. People can throw rheir money where ever they want. It’s just the economics don’t add up. We’ve been there and done the pricing for high bulk from over a dozen factories in China. Between the price and the size and the fact they look identical on the outside to basically every other hub motor from China on the market, I don’t see how these could be anything special.

If people want me to build inferior hub motors with huge profit margins, I’m happy to do so.


At the end of the day, I agree with you about these motors, and so far, this company is looking/acting/talking just like every other bad one out there, but what I’m particularly interested in is seeing what effect having holes in the thane wheels has on the ride. These wheels being 105mm diameter is just a bonus.

Personally, I’m looking for wheels/motors to stick on a deck that is as stiff at they get, and so I need something that eats up vibrations. Hummie’s hubs may do that well enough on a deck that has a tiny amount of flex, but I won’t know until either I come across a used set I get lucky and am able to buy, or wait until the Kickstarter comes to fruition. The airless 105mm hubs/wheels accomplished that for me, but turned out I was quite lucky to even get 2 motors out of the 4 I bought that were balanced. Of the 4 wheels I bought, only 2 of them were decent enough to be able to be balanced with lead tape. And I had to rewind the motors myself in order to make them efficient. What this all equates to is that if/when something fails/breaks, I might not be able to find a replacement for it. Add to that not wanting to have to rewind motors either.

You guys already have the best motor design, but haven’t explored yet big wheels, much less having holes in them to make them squishier. Maybe it works?


holes in the wheels I think would make them inefficient. wouldn’t roll as well. maybe softer. rather just do a 91mm tire and will get that done as soon as financially possible.


If they’re slightly less efficient, but are way more comfortable to ride, I for one would choose ride comfort over efficiency. I also don’t have to worry about 30% hills, either. The only hills for 500 miles are landfills, and I’m not climbing any of those.

I’m not asking you guys to do anything different with your hubs or wheel plans, all I’m doing is exploring the idea of what effect(s) putting holes in the wheels has on them, and I did it by spending a couple hundred bucks. Small price to pay to know for sure, IMHO. The fact that I’m going to share my findings with everyone here I thought was a good thing :confused:

I’m kinda shocked you all aren’t even curious, even if it has no application in hummiehubs/hummiedeck.


I chatted with @donta42 when I was experimenting with rewinding the 105mm wheels. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a way to make a custom hangar for the 105’s with a square interface for the hubs that would fit on the avenue trucks, and the hangar the hubs come with probably won’t interface properly with the Avenue trucks. I’m guessing thats why you custom made the hangar shown?

im curious! Im just cynical. I want to know how it goes. its all new turf with this stuff good luck


Don’t laugh but I wonder what would happen if you added holes on the surface all the way down to the metal core? Would it help with cooling and not harm the traction?


@MiniChopper4Me I, for one, commend and support your current scientific undertaking! If not just for me let us know what you think of these possibly-the-same-as-other-chinese-but-maybe-not-so-that’s-the-point-of-this-experiment hubs!

I’m stupidly new to all this, but I do have to say that the AX Plus from AEboards is the only electric board I’veI have to say I’m not too disappointed in it as a good starter.

The motors work well enough the push through some of the small bits of “off roading” I have to do and handled the few hills around me no problem. Braking feels passable, though I think the could be a little stronger.

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I’m curious about the wheels. Don’t get me wrong. Think the will feel better than the solid wheels since they usually don’t use expensive urethane blends. So to make up for it, they have to use a higher duro. Which results in rock hard wheels. So it will probably be better than the wheels most use on these motors.

I would suspect worse efficient, but so far, we are not ones to critic efficiency lol.

I just get frustrated that manufactures care more about profits than quality.


Honestly the only thing I can compare it to is a gas powered MTB for early 2000s and my landyachts. I do know at 170lbs I average 7-10 mph right now and made it over 25 miles on the 10s5p Samsung 35E setup. Which is very nice for what need right now. I clocked around 25 mph before I hit a rough patch in the street and slowed down