New 12s8p p42a build for my tomiboi build

12s8p p42a build. Just pics and good vibes. I feel like I finally figured out flat braid on this one.


Looking good!
The colourful balance wires are a nice touch


Nailed the braids. I’m jealous


Found a cheat code:

Tinning the braid with solder before soldering to the nickel?

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I’ve started soldering the braid before I even cut it off the roll. I pull it tight, and flat, using heavy pieces of steel to hold it in place, then solder it where I want to cut it.


Yes AND using a scrap from a 1000amp copper buss bar as a heat sink to keep the rest of the braid from getting to solder wetting temps.

It is literally touchable cool in the time it takes to set my iron down. My iron has to work for a sec to get it tinned right but you can adjust how much heat you can get into the braid by hanging more of it off the edge of the buss bar. Absolutely un solderable if the braid is fully on the copper and an alligator clip is holding it in place