Need some ideas on cutting

Hey all, i need some ideas on how to deepen the hole a bit in this wheel. Its where the bearing sits. I want the bearing to sit a bit deeper so i can get these wheels and pulley mount to JUST fit on some torqueboard trucks

Man, can’t think of a workaround for a lathe. It’s gotta stay centered.

Jank method is glue a piece of sandpaper to the face of the bearing and glue the bearing into place on the axle then carefully rotate the wheel on it using the other bearing in the hubto align it. Will probably fuck it up tho depending on how much you want to remove ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Is the bearing 22mm? What about Jimming a 22mm hole saw in there?

I’m under the impression those wheels aren’t supposed to go fast anyway. As I sit at the bar, and wait for a mate to arrive I only feel regret for having not ridden a board with thanes tonight.

Know this feeling.

Thanes are just more fun imo, MTB is like riding on a tank, dont even need to steer away from potholes anymore, no fun

You could probably get away with using a 22 mm reamer bit and a drill press, but I’m not sure. To be done properly, this would need either a lathe or a mill

I’m not sure about the need to jam bearings deeper into these cheap airless tyres, but I’d use a hole saw because it doesn’t sound like a precision job in the first place. If there is still some plastic remaining, I’d scree it out with a chisel.

I have two boards with pnumies, the rest all have thane. I try, but I just can’t get to love the pnumies. They’re smoother, sure. But, so is driving the car and that really sucks balls.

I just don’t have nice enough roads, it’s like the moon up here in Seattle. Was so pissed they ruined my daily ride - there is a quarter mile of good good fresh asphalt they potholed to fix/replace some gas line… every patch is a death trap even on 8” pneumatics, geometry of the dip/rise/lip plus being cut across 75% of the road is instant wobbles. Now it’s about a 1.5 mile ride to get to the first good route. Better than the sidewalks though, 2” delta on the pavement everywhere

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what about a Forstner bit?

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Those are really hard to keep centered in an existing bore, same as a hole saw. More likely to mash up the bushing seat than to fix anything, imo.

Best way is a drill. grind the bottom flat. Then, grind the bottom with angle. I have used this method many times to remove bottom and not sides.

But, there is not much depth to control bit.

Sure is 22mm!! And i actually go max 30mph on these wheels! Theyre flipskys honeycomb wheels and perform really well

I mean they are 100$ for a whole set including the pulleys. These wheels perform amazingly and dont really feel cheap at all when you ride them. I can rode on gravel roads, ride across fields, and ride on roads with A LOT of bumbs and cracks. Urethane wheels just arent it for me as i dont have nice roads and i dont have good sidewalks

Dont got good roads here in ohio either. Urethane wheels are completely out of the question

Not a bad idea :thinking: