Need List of Hub Motor Companies that fit these requirements

Is there a pre-existing list of all companies that offer good hub motors?


  • Preferably Hollow Shaft
  • Replaceable PU Sleeved
  • Hub Diameter<100mm
  • 1KW Peak Rating at 24V
  • Sensorless is fine

I would appreciate as many options as possible

In short, nah probably not

1kw at 24v is a bit of an odd requirement, you’d need a lot of current for that and in a small insulated hub that’ll be too much heat. That much power at any voltage is a big ask for a hub

Edit to be slightly more helpful:
The only hollow shaft ones I’m familiar with are Chinese hubs like Meepo, ownboard, and some terrible AliExpress stuff. Those won’t do 1kw, the name brand ones advertise ~500W, and at 24V they’ll probably be well below 30 km/h max speed

Basically all hub motors have replaceable sleeves, though the availability of those sleeves varies a LOT. Meepo change their hubs very regularly so some varieties have sleeves for years and years and others barely stay in production 12 months, enertion stopped making them years ago, etc. The quality of the sleeves also varies wildly.

The majority of hubs are 100mm or less, the exception being weird AT hubs like those for the Backfire Ranger. 90mm and 100mm are the most common, I think


Maybe look at the raith direct drives in this case. Only drives that fit this narrative most likely. Or else something that comes close are @hummieee hubs… If you can find a set.

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Hub motors are mostly junk. Just buy a belt setup, and pretty much everything about your esk8 experience will be improved.

Unless you live in a fascist country where esk8 is illegal, just say no to hub motors.

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this probably fits what u need, but i don’t know if those hair thin phase wires can sustain 1kW, maybe peak for burst, mostly likely 5-600W sustain

these are sensored, but u can run them sensorless for ur purpose

backfireboard also have same size hub motor, its not listed on their website, but my experience told me u can order parts that’s not listed if u email them.

Thanks for the detailed replies everyone, cleared most of my questions up, except the wattage one. Are the ratings supplied by companies peak or continuous? My 1000w requirement is peak, I may need 500w continuous. So does a motor advertised as 500w by manufacturer fit that?

Also, sorry I didn’t clear this up in my question, I am unable to edit atm, my requirements are mainly for acceleration, not speed. I am okay with 20kmph, thats why the peak rating is high. I am expecting 2-3 seconds of peak current (1000W) for acceleration and then cruise. Does that increase my pool of possible options?

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I cant figure out why but I am unable to view the site, only the banner is visible, ill check again on a different device.

Oooh, I didn’t think of emailing them, I’ll try that, thanks!

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I only know 1 brand of “eskates” that uses 24v and they use a brushed belt setup.

It was the lead acid era

Wattage doesn’t tell the whole story, you should try and figure out what kind of torque you need if acceleration is what you’re after. Hub motors dsn’t make that much sense if your torque requirements are high, untill the diameter grows to something like a decent size ebike hubmotor, then they start to perform decently.

Some kung fuu googling should help you figure out what you might need to calculate alternativly any basic physics book

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