Need Infineon IRF7749L1TRPBF

Anyone here having the MOSFET IRF7749L1TRPBF in spares?
I need around 50pcs

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Just use a different FET?.

7748 7669 7769 Will work just fine, even tho thier rdson is slightly higher


From where can I order them?

Mouser, digikey, farnell.

Or you know just check octopart where they’re in stock :slight_smile:

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I had a look over the specs
The current rating is too low

How much current do you need?.

Trying to develop 80A Vesc

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Choose something besides direct Fets then!

Theres alot of good options out there

Or you know, use more then 2 Fets per halfbridge


Thanks for your suggestion…
I have compared few similar mosfets…
I found IRF7739 compatible. Though the max rated voltage is 40v instead of 60v (7749).
P.s max voltage for my application is 30v. Can i use this mister?

typically 25% headroom is a good approach. so 40V is perfect for your 30V application

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