Need help with HobbyKing® ™ X-Car Beast Series ESC 1:8 Scale 150A ESC

i need some help with my ESC. I want to program it without a programming card but with a arduino instead. can someone help me what to do? I’m using an HobbyKing® ™ X-Car Beast Series ESC 1:8 Scale 150A, here’s the link:

And this is my motor:

I’m using the arduino code from greatscott, but changed it a bit so it would work with my Arduino UNO and not a arduino nano.

I got the ESC in programming mode, but i can’t actually do anything after i send a signal to the esc. The manual says to turn it off. so i even pulled the power cable out. and back in and it just does some crazy things but does not turn.

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Sorry I can’t help but are you doing emtb build?

I have a 120a xcar beast series esc and its more than enough for that motor. The 150a is waaaaay overkill

I would sell it pretty cheap with a programming card if you want. Its barely used

That has a pc interface built in. Why not set it up like that?

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