Need help with hall sensors

Hello I’m trying to use eovan motors one a focbox unity. The connectors don’t fit into the unity from the hall sensor they have five ports and not six like on the focbox. And then eovan uses these weird adaptors that make the connector even smaller put with 6 ports. Here are some pictures, can some help this noob figure out what to do?

The difference between a 5 pin and 6 pin connector is that the 5 pin doesn’t have the temperature sensor, which is typically a white wire (but not always).

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The sensors connection isn’t absolutely needed.

It only assists in going from 0.0km/h to 0.1km/h. You can use HFI and/or hip flicks to get the wheels turning and not use sensors at all if you want to.

what is HFI and hip flicks?

and is there any way to get these hall sensors adapted to this focbox?

HFI is a sensorless mode the VESC software has. It stands for high frequency injection. It only needs the three phase wires, but it’s difficult to tune well.

Hip flicks are when you are standing on the board and you flick your hip to make the wheels turn just the tiniest, slightest amount, which causes sensors to not be needed because the wheels aren’t stopped.

Follow this wiring color to the sensor port. You need the proper sensor wire port for this. Just get a pair and cut one end and solder. I did something similar for evolve motors a couple years ago


The second last wire is the temp port, you can cut or remove the wire completely as that is not required.

What’s important is the 5v and GND.
Red goes to red, black goes to black, the other 3 can be randomized

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ESC Sensor Wires 6 Pin Pitch Compatible with VESC | – FLIPSKY would this work ?

could you explain to me what each of the wires do and how am i sure what is 5v and what is ground?

Yep that would work.

Think of the 5v as the positive of the port and ground being the negative. Easy way to spot them is 5v being red, and ground being black.

The other 3 wires are the hall wires to determine its sensor location. There is no specific order for it since its calibration will be done during the VESC tool set up

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