Need help with Flipsky wiring

Hello, I have not been on here in many months so please pardon me if I’m posting this querry incorrectly or in the wrong place/topic.

I need help figuring out what the blue wire on my vx1 receiver is for. There’s a separate white, red, and black wire harness connected as well to a mini FSESC 4.20 which I had soldered the blue wire to. I have another identical receiver/remote pair which I need to connect to another mini FSESC 4.20 but it has a 4 wire harness. The pics on the Flipsky site show the receiver with four wires being for a v4. The receiver with a 3 wire harness plus a blue wire are for PPM mode (or Non Vesc).

So is the FSESC 4.20 non vesc? And if it is vesc why does it work with the 3 wire harness plus one blue wire situation?

It will work. I think the extra wire is for battery indication.

Awesome. Thanks a lot!!

I decided no foot binders is the way to go, its good to have freedom to adjust one’s stance. I’d like to make it go a couple miles at between 12 and 20 mph. With the one battery I have it goes a few hundred yards. If anyone can advise me on what I need to do to vastly increase the range I would most grateful. Video

Im not sure if im posting this request for help in the right place or not. I’m having trouble pairing my Flipsky vx1 remote to it’s receiver. I was able to successfully set up the motor and battery parameters in the vesc tool. Then when I attempted to pair the remote the lights on the esc failed to come on after pressing the button of the antispark switch and getting a blue light. I had first turned on the remote and put it into pairing mode. There was a steady blinking red signal indicator light but no throttle response.

Can anyone please advise me on next steps to troubleshoot the problem?

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