Need help with attaching power wire

So I was E s e when I accidentally broke the The negative people coming out of the board and now i’m stuck Trying to figure out how to spot well. This wire back on if anybody can give me an advice. That would really appreciate it

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Looks like a pretty simple solder job. just use some wick to clean up the pad and then strip the negative wire a little and solder it on.


I’ve tried sottering it and I can’t melt the sotter on the board. Therefore, that’s why I thought I need to like spot. Weld that or something but I don’t kno

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Do you have flux?

Do you have a keyboard?


You need flux and a better soldering iron, that looks like a lingy esc? And I think they are using an aluminum pcb from the look which takes a lot of heat to solder to as it sucks it away super fast.

Know of a maker space near you or someone with a good one you can ask for help? Otherwise you will need to get a good hot soldiering iron, some liquid flux, and some solder wick.

Also please spell check, it hurts my brain to read these and decipher the meaning. It will also get you misunderstood and get you the wrong advice