Need help, soldering ESC PCB board

I’ve been trying to get this mystery ESC to power the program card but something’s wrong with the servo connector coming out of the board. One of the wires was ripped off

a friend of mine with soldering experience soldered it back on (as well as resoldered the other two connections) and it’s still not working.

Need some advice on how this soldering job looks and if there’s any issues you guys can see identify that might speak to why the servo coming out isn’t working. Thanks.

Also I tried cutting off the end piece of the servo incase something there was fault and resoldered on a new one, that’s why the servo looks all hacked and shrinked in the middle. Didn’t fix anything obv =/

@b264 @mmaner You guys have any I put this is above my expertise

I can’t really see much in my phone. Isolation is the key when shooting troubles.


yeaup, it’s a work in progress. Thanks for havin a look anyway. I’ll let u know if i figure it out

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Need a better picture, did you check for solder bridge?

Also if you have a multimeter check the wires to make sure there not broken within the plastic.

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The solder bridge looks bad, I am going to replace with an entirely new servo and tin the leads with that other servo connector that bridges the two sides and then solder those tinned leads to the pcb after cleaning it up. If that doesn’t do it I may give up.

Your saying the solder bridge looks bad,correct me if im wrong do you know what a solder bridge is.

yeah like some of the solder is bleeding over onto the neighboring leads?

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I got it cleaned up but I didn’t tin the leads together before doing this and still nothing from this servo. Gonna clean it up and start over doing that with the new servo. Otherwise how bad does this look?

After removing the wires on this pcb board I noticed one of the pads I need to solder onto is missing. Can I solder onto that or will there be no connection without the pad? Is this board fucked? Can I still work around this?

I had a motor wire ripp the pcb pad right off. I thought I was screwed. Later I read online to carefully scratch away the green stuff till you hit a copper layer. I did and found copper, so I soldered the motor lead right onto that. Haven’t had any issues.

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@whaddys Just found your images on the web. I have in my hand the exact same motherboard, but I have no knowledge of it at all. Have you find out the spec and any other info on this board?