Need help removing broken motor bearing!

Hey! So I managed to break a bearing on my motor, got new on the way but…

Still got the old sucker stuck in there, any tips on how to get it out without destroying the motor?


Build a new bearing inside the old outer bearing race. Then pull it out.

Look up video tutorials on how to take bearings apart and how to reassemble them.

Assemble that bearing, then you can remove the outer race easily. If you even need to.


Also philips head screws SUCK

You’re better off not using them. For anything. Ever. Except drywall. When stripping is a feature and not a bug.


google bearing puller

They screw, tight.

Depending on how stuck that outer race is, you may be able to use a bearing puller collet and a counter-stay to extract it. They’re not that expensive to source online, just a bit tricky to fit the right size collet, especially for small bearings.


Thanks guys, found this video which seems fairly straightforward and has the great advantage of not forcing me to source tools (I live on a boat in the Canary Islands so to order anything means 2 weeks+)!
Leaving it here in case anyone else might have use for it:

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Agreed, will replace along with the bearing, used them for this:

Thanks for the idea and sorry for possible copyright infringement @taz but didnt take a picture when i did it :stuck_out_tongue:


You will receive my invoice shortly…

I assume this is an open invite for us to come visit right?

Of course! We should do a race around the island :thinking:

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