Need Help No connection to ESC to the motor and battery?

Hello, I have attempted to build my own electric skateboard.

I did a basic research and thought I was good to go. I have a Old Yuneec board with a 7s battery that I thought would work. No luck. So I bought the following…

  1. DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit,10S 36V Electric Skateboard Controller Longboard + Remote Control Dual Motors ESC Substitute Kit
    [Brand: WonVon]

  2. (2) Turnigy 5000mAh 5S 20C Lipo Pack w/XT-60

  3. US 24V-36V 83MM 7" Truck CNC Electric Longboard Skateboard Motor Drive Kit 1500W

Connected the batteries 1 at a time to the ESC and to each motor and tested and it worked for a few seconds then shut down.

Can the ESC burn out?

How can I test the ESC?

When I connected the controller the and click the reverse, I hear a clicking noise on the motor and notice the light on the power for the esc blinks differently?

Please help.

I wish i can share photos?

Here is a google link to my shared photos… maybe someone can view… see the video and see how dumb I am ?? :slight_smile:

Help a newb!

Thanks JT

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The problem you are facing right now is that you are connecting the batteries one at a time. That “10s” rating is describing how many cells you have in “series.” This increases the voltage. An easy way to think about is that the more voltage you have, the faster your board (and the electricity) is flowing.
Another thing to recognize is that when batteries lose power or percentage, their voltage also decreases somewhat significantly (about 10 volts for 10s). That battery gauge works by measuring voltage and seeing how much battery you have left.
To answer your questions:

  1. Too big a battery can blow your ESC, but giving it not enough power should not be a huge issue.

  2. No need to test the ESC. Once you get it working I have no doubt it will be fine.

  3. I am not sure why you are getting this clicking when going into reverse. It could just be little pulses from the ESC while it recognizes it does not have enough power. Also, do not use individual batteries too much individually. This will be bad for them when you ultimately put them together. Do you have a charger BTW? I would read up on the “VESC” and it’s many benefits.

  4. You will be able to share photos as you spend more time on the forum and do things. On your original post, I added a link that explains everything about how “trust levels work on this forum”

What you need is a series connection between those two big batteries you have. This will bring your voltage up, and make it so your ESC can be fully powered. Look up how to create one or buy one off of the many different Eskate stores.

Good luck! Definitely keep researching. There are many many videos on YouTube that can help you get a better feel for Electric skateboards.

Also, It may be a good idea to throw this post up in the noob question forum. I will leave that to @moderators


Yep, just put those lipos in series and you will be good to go.

(Get out the soldering iron)

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Here I post a update and it’s not the results I would like.

I charged the batteries or so I think I did it correctly with the LIPO RC car fast charger and it seems to be ok.

How do you test with a volt meter if the battery has a charge?
Link here to the photos I tried to attempt to get a read and it won’t give me anything…

I hooked up the batteries in series and it was the same result with a strange “click” only.

Hooked up a different Motor with the same ESC and it did NOT work again… same click result.

So basically, I don’t know what setting the volt meter needs to test the batteries?
Google Photos

please advise…

The ESC seems to be the culprit right? IF both motors on the same ESC same results?

Hope your able to help, advise or tell me the best course of action.

Thank you.

THe last video is showing the connecting to the battery charger and wondering why it goes down to 2amp for charging when I set it to 5.0.

Not sure about anything at this point.

I appreciate any advise.

Probably a dead esc.

The voltmeter must be set to DC voltage mode (Google it)

Also google “series connection”

Also make sure your remote is paired to the esc

The biggest thing that we detailed was putting the batteries in series. the ESC will most likely not work properly until you put the batteries in series.


OMG! You are right and it’;s now in series.
Battery LED lights up.

Thank you.

The ESC does NOT connect to the controller and I am wondering if I can pair any remote to the ESC?

I returned the first ESC thinking that was the problem… but now following steps from here:

I can’t seem to reset the ESC to recognize the Controller.

Any ideas?

I have contacted the Seller and asked for possible a new Pair “again” ROTFLMAO! FML!

Thank you.