Need advice shipping to China

I need your advice regarding shipping to China. I purchased esc dual 4.20 and it’s defective. Flipsky, agreed return the item for repair. My question is " what is best way ship to china and not too expensive? I heard story item didn’t reach there destination or loss/missing. Thank you for advice!

China customs strict. Is good can use EMS.

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I’m from US not aware we have ems here?

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This is the problem buying from Flipsky. When you have a problems your best solution is either send you a partial/full refund if your lucky or replace the product.

I’v previously had a replacement sent to me so worth asking.

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It’ll cost the same for postage as the cost of another new unit (with cheap China state-sponsored shipping).

It’s a fob-off tactic, you have to go deeper with them. Offer a video/photos and tell them a ship back to FS is not acceptable unless they are prepared to pay for the return shipping

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Don’t ask though, politely demand.

I have had two occasions with flipsky where they offered partial refunds or for me to return the goods. Both times I refused and said I needed a working item, the one I paid for. I offered for them to create a return label and collect the defective parts once my new ones were shipped.

Both times they did it.


I have had terrible experiences with flipsky customer service. They will do everything in their power to NOT deal with the issue.

As @Brenternet suggested you need to demand politely a solution. They send out a defective unit then you need to receive a working one. They will not under any circumstances repair your one at all. It will go in the bin and they will send you a replacement which they will test individually to make sure it works. Hobbyking do the same shit if you let them get away with it. Drop that you are a forum regular and will post the results and see the result.


Thank you guys! Okay… flipsky offered a new replacement. Great! I emailed them provide me a return label no response yet, but they really insisted I will ship it. The problem USPS with tracking cost $66.00 without tracking # $23.00. I suggested provide me return label because it’s cheaper coming from them and I’m willing to pay for it.