Need advice for Diy project based on At2 flow

Hello, I want to design my machine on a Flux At2 base, I have some hesitations. I weigh 92kg, I would like to design my esk8 with a samsung 50s battery.

My wish would be to have a machine that can reach 45-50 km/h and have maximum autonomy.

I hesitate between making a battery in 12s9p and one in 18s6p. Can you tell me if with my weight a 12s would be enough.

Regarding the 18s, what do you recommend as bms, esc …


In any case for battery, I’d recommend an LLT smart bms. You can get them in aliexpress for reasonably cheap and it takes about 2 weeks to arrive depending on where you live.

12s -



12s9p 50s, will be nutty. If you get better or higher rpm motors with proper gearing you can hit 25 -30 with great torque but it tops there

I weigh 250lb and have a 12s6p 30q with 6374.

It is plenty. Run 1:5 with 8 inchers and youll be cruising.

Edit: not sure on kv/rpm rating in relation amps. But none the less u have more amps to spare so you can run some serious motors.


The 50s is rated at 25 amps but you should really only run them at 20 unless you have some sort of active cooling. So, even at 6p you’ll still be able to run 120 amps which is more-than-enough especially at a higher voltage. For example, I’m also 95 kilos and 100 amps at 12s is plenty of power with the right gearing. I’ve yet to floor my throttle on 2 x 6380s. So, in short, 12s will reach your wanted speed easily. 18s will have an advantage by putting out the same wattage with less heat though. Both will have comparable range. Use the esk8 calculator and aim for a top loaded speed of around 60kph and you’ll have about the right gearing ratio.

Edit: re high voltage controllers, should you decide to go that route, there’s a few good options. Most VFM would be MakerX D100s. Another good choice is the Zesc Raiden 7 or the controller from Skyart.

GL w the build.


Hello again,

My project has changed a little, I need your opinions regarding electrification and links to purchase.

I need to build my battery, I have the following on hand or on delivery

  • Samsung 50 S cells (144)
    -MakerX D100S

I am in the process of gathering the elements to assemble the barrels in 18s8p
i.e. 2592wh 40A, and 280A discharge (if I don’t talk nonsense)

My first request concerns the BMS, what do you recommend? (I would like to use a davegaX)
And I wonder about the discharge?

10awg cable level?
For everything concerning the sheath, the fish paper, do you also have links of trust)

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