NEED ADVICE: 12s6p or 14s5p

I’m looking for some advice from y’all with more experience and knowledge than I.

I’ve been slowly buying pieces and parts for an esk8 I’m building and have made it to the battery phase of the project. I have about a $950 budget for the battery and am trying to decide between a 12s6p and a 14s5p. They each would cost about the same so I’m wondering if the extra power from the 2 extra S groups outweigh the loss of range from the 1 extra P group. Let me know if you have any insight or pointers.

I’m 200 lbs, using 42a’s, 170kv motors, 4:1 gear ratio with 155mm pneumies, and live in a relatively hilly place.

Here’s a picture of my deck so you have something to look at while you think:

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Ah alone doesn’t determine range potential of a pack. Wh does

for instance:

12s has less in P but same number of cells as 10s56p
same Wh

12-6 has 1088Wh
14-5 has 1058

if you want more speed, do 14

range will basically be the same for both packs


Dude thanks man

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12s6p = 72 batteries.
14s5p = 70 batteries.

more batteries more power, more range.

broadly speaking.

if you can’t gear for the same top speed on 12s vs 14s
or if your ESC or something else can’t take the extra amps 12s will need to deliver the same watts (+16%. ) then you may want to go higher voltage.

but in this case it’s only 3% more watts/wh. so… it’s probably a wash.

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Which configuration would you go with? I’m planning on using the go foc d100s Go-FOC D100s - MakerX

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If you want more speed go 14s. Plug some numbers into the calculator and you’ll be able to see the differences.

I just finished a 14s6p build for my hummie (thread coming soon) and I got just about 20 miles pushing it really hard with soft tires. If I was riding chill I could probably get 25 to 30 miles

However, 12s6p from another local rider also gets around the same range so it’s hard to say tbh. Depends on how you ride, your terrain, and you setup


14s for 170kv motors