Need a new charger...

So apparently my charger died, first thought it was the battery but its all good.
Trying to find a new one but no luck so far. Thought about buying another straight from the eskate brand but they wanna charge $130 plus shipping.

Here’s the charger and specs:

GOJUSIN GJS360-5460500

Screenshot 2023-06-14 194028

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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13s will blow him up.

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OK, here is what you do. Talk to Luna fast bikes. They have a charger that has a voltage readout, so you could turn a pot to lower the cutoff etc. This would allow you to have an 80/90/100 switch, for doubling your battery life. You will need to verify though, that you can tune it for 12s. They have a 13s rating. That one is 99, the one without a voltage readout, is 59.

or this one.

oh also, the 99 dollar one has a switch, 3 or 5 amps.


What are you talking about??
Op clearly shows that it is a 54.6v battery… so it’s 13s (13 x 4.2 = 54.6)

Dont charge 13s packs with 12s chargers, it’s stupid. (double your battery life ??)

@OP the one @frame posted will be fine.


I had no idea that folks were running 13s on boards. Especially from the factory!

The luna one is the best, for 59, as it has the 80/90/100 percent switch.

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I can understand that, brands just started going to 12s.
But times are changing. Even factory e-scooters with 20s batts are sold these days.

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Most of Ownboard’s current lineup is using 13S batteries


maybe read the thread first before posting ur reply?


What does this even mean though ?
If you are only going to charge 80% the bms won’t charge correctly.


I dont know about fancy smarttt bms, but it has treated my battery like family.

You dont need to balance very often if you have good cells, and you have sacrificed virgins.

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Thanks everyone for the input. I followed @frame charger recommendation, can’t get here sooner enough though :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope you paid for expedited shipping

Personally I use the Meanwell HLG range and build a higher quality DIY charger (bare in mined thay won’t have a charge cut off (most ESK8 charges don’t) and you will need to adjust the pots to set the Amps and voltage to your desired level)

My BMS’s on my boards cut the charge when full so it’s not a concern for me.

Used a voltage and amp meter of eBay and a 3D printed case on it

Look at these for your voltage range

HLG-320H 54A output is 3-6A
HLG-240H-54A output is 2.23-4.45A

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