Need 63mm motor

I am looking for some cheep 63mm motors. I have a tight budget.

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Participants needed! Come group shopping and save more!
61,35€ x motor

I have some used 6374 with blown out sensors if you’re interested.

For cheap ones I just check eBay for that generic 6374 in your choice of kv. They are like $65 shipped from a us supplier.

Be warned though, some of their sensors fail after a little time ~500mi. I usually melted mine before then though because I like running them at 90A year round. That’s why I’m making a good surprise for the forum if I can ever finish it…

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I have some flipsky 6374s that are scratched pretty badly but fully functional. They also do make a screeching noise for some reason. Doesn’t affect preformance. If you’re interested give me an offer

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