Nano-X Remote Control, cheap plastic

Hey Guys,
For my first build, I heard everybody is talking about NanoX and how fine it is.
So, I finally ordered one (about 80$).
Today I got it and got sooo disappointed by the quality of the plastic, it looks like a cheap 2$ toy. Light and the plastic quality looks horrible.
Did I get a real remote ?!?! Or maybe a clone ?!?! could this be ? Is this a genuine enertion remote ?
I could expect much much more from a 80$ purchase :frowning:

wait until you see the incredible calibration on every power on feature :smiley:
Yes, it is just like that :slight_smile:


OMG, so how come it is so popular ?
Any recommendations for a better quality ones ? Plastic and electronics wise.

The FLipsky VX1 seems decent. I have one and no complains yet. Throttle allows for smooth acceleration and brake without any throttle curve adjustment. Seems reliable when you read what others say too.

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How about the plastic/feeling in the hands ? are they better ?

Its coated plastic, feels a lot better but still plastic.

Got you ! many thanks ! I maybe will give it a try.

80$ is definitely overpriced for it. I got mine for 20$ on sale, and 40$ for a used one for my friend. It used to be the most reliable small remote though (when it comes to interference and not dropping its connection), and has some nice features like the slow mode switch, and button to toggle on/off on the 3rd remote channel which I use for controlling LED lights. Being able to store it in your pocket is the feature I miss the most now that I’ve switched to a bigger remote.


I agree about the ability to store it in the pocket, however, it still feels like a cheap toy …

You can buy the same controller from flipsky, just with the different injection molded Case for 49 US which is the same remote torque boards sells for 60 US. I actually prefer the smaller more comfortable shape of the nano-x though, so until I can be bothered designing and printing something else it will have to do. In all honesty the power on calibration is fine and the lack of dropouts/interference is what matters the most to me. I don’t want my board jumping out from under my feet at 50 kmh.


You might get lucky, I rode for months without knowing I should calibrate it when turning it on and didn’t notice a thing

Or you can get a Nano V2 for 40. It’s reliable but you still need to calibrate it every ride, only takes 1second

That f-ing calibration drives me nuts. I like to turn the board on, fire up the telemetry apps on the phone, put gloves on, then turn on the remote. Have to lift the back and full throttle full brake before taking off. I thought it would be no bother but I’m very annoyed almost every time.


Put itin a new 3d printed shell. I love the way the nano-w mod feels

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Terrible remote. One crack on pavement–It dies.

Awful remote.

I’m not sure where you heard anyone raving about it! You should have bought the Flipsky VX1!