[N. America] Drivetrains for sale!

Flipsky Complete Drivetrain
**I’m not entirely sure how many clicks are on this DT as I bought it used but it’s been more-or-less solid for th 100 or so km I’ve put on it. If anything, the wheel pulley is a bit worn out and will likely need to be replaced sometime soon as you’ll possibly get some slipping when braking hard Would be great for a budget carver. What’s included:

2 x FS AT Chanel trucks w springs and dampers
2 x FS 6374 motors (not battle hardened)
2 x Alu wheel and motor pulleys (3.75:1)
4 x Sunmate 8" tires.

Everything is in good shape and is working well but it is priced accordingly- a) bc Flipshit and b) bc you’ll need to sus out a new pulley sometime soon and dampers for your bodyweight**:
Price $150:

BN M1 Drivetrain (no modors!!)
**For sale is a new, never used DT with BN M1’s (ABEC/Helical) 220’s and Cloudwheels. The wheels are basically new but I’ve been told they were used for about 10km. I have never ridden them as I moved to penumies on the build these were planned for. What’s included:

2 x BN M1 drive with all hardware (NIB)
2 x BN 220 Hangers (NIB)
All hardware (NIB)
Either split angle or adjustable BN baseplates (dealers choice) (Both NIB)
4 x Voyageur Cloudwheels in black a grey (Very lightly used)

Now you must be thinking ‘obv I’ll take the adjustable plates’ but I want to note that these are the very first iteration of these baseplates. The kingpin is held in with loctite retaining compound and pressfit. Kevin changed the design a couple of times since by first putting a dowel in for mechanical retention and then completely redesigning it in subsequent iterations. There was one instance of them failing that I recall but can’t find the link.

Buyer pays shipping and Paypal fees. I’m open to reasonable offers but things are already priced to move so low ballers get outta herrrrreeee.

Cheers :beers:


deals on wheels! GLWS!


I’ll take the first set. Pm inbound.


I’m not sure is this is a typo or if it is lingo that I am just unfamiliar with. :thinking:

Believe he meant “klicks” which is military term for kilometer. Saying he doesn’t know how many kilometers have been put in the drivetrain.


Yep. Km’s is what was meant. Common slang in Canukistan :sweat_smile:


FS drivetrain sold. BN still up for grabs. Hmu sexy people :wink:

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All sold. @xsynatic @longhairedboy Kindly close when ya got a sec