My telemetry is all wrong

I’m baffled.

I’m using Dual FSESC 4.20 Plus on my new penny board build with sensored hubs and for the life of me I can’t figure out why it thinks I’m going 45ish km/h when in fact I’m doing more like 20ish.

In my Vesc settings I’ve correctly set my gearing to 1 and wheel size to match my 90mm hubs.
Funny thing is, my Firefly controller says the same data as Xmatic app. Both the Firefly and Xmatic have been also correctly configured to match the 90mm wheels and 1:1 gearing.

What am I missing? :thinking:

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you motor pole setting is probably wrong.

you need to find the right number on motor poles for those hubs


Yeah I was just looking into motor poles as we speak.
I think it has 24stators and 28magnets. Is stator another word for pole? :thinking:

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not sure :joy: usually its half the number of stators. so try 12. someone smarter than me will be along shortly to confirm.

Well a typical 63XX motor has 12 stators and 14 magnets. Right? So in this case would the magnet be the pole then?

You are correct. Magnets = poles.

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No it’s the number of pole pairs in the rotor. So 14.

Basically erpm is the number of north to south to North a single point on the stator experiences per minute.

@niuva, use 14

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Well, changed it to 28 (same as my magnet count in my hub motor) and my telemetry speed and distance data seems to be correct now when comparing with what GPS is telling me.

14 was the default and it was way off.


Where are you seeing the speed value come from? If the wheel diameter is off or pulley ratio or poles they will all throw the calculation off.

Typically a “pole” is really a polar change from north to south, so if there are 28 magnets and it goes from north to south on each magnet then there are 14 poles can search for “pole pairs” on this document:

Sorry missed details in original post, not sure with those ways of checking it though personally use metr app but not that remote or firmware.

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Ah I forgot that the new format asks for poles as opposed to pole pairs. Sorry! 28 is correct.