My noisy moon (Straight fear moon drive overly noisy)

Afternoon everyone,

I like buying second hand parts, cos I’m stingy mainly, and a bit broke all the time. I recently put my hands on a set of spur moon drives,

Clean them well, remounted the truck clamp properly aligned, adjust the perfect backlash, used red n tacky grease, still, I think they are a bit too noisy, more than they should be, like people turn their head if I full throttle.

I then noticed my trampa hanger is slightly bent, not on the axle, but on the aluminium part, I could see this by the Motors not being perfectly aligned, and once properly checked, it was indeed slightly bent.

Question is, can the bent hanger be the cause of the excessive noise? Or could it be something else to do with the teeth on the slave pulley not being perfectly aligned?

Straight cut gears are noisy. But if the motor is not aligned correctly with theirs gear to the wheel gear it will cause increased noise and also wear on your gears

I’ve had straight cut moons and they are most definitely more noisy vs other POM straight cuts


Maaan! Not gonna deny, I love the noise, but is a bit too much :joy:

If you’ve just cleaned and greased them, they should not be painfully noisy. Probably more to do with wonkyness. Only once did I see children covering their ears when riding on moons and this was riding with @Lee_Wright when he decided it was a good idea to run them dry.


Is highly possible that is one side only being noisy, and is just the bent side. I’m going to run them individually to see what happens.

They are not as loud that people cover their ears, but loud enough for me being on the board and taking all the vibrations, like if someone else is riding it, is not that crazy loud.

What I did, to try have the clamps as straight as possible, I’ve put them on, then put spacers on the axle and tightened the wheel nut, then tightened the 4 grub screws on the clamp. That did improve things marginally, but still a screaming goat around Stratford this afternoon :joy:

Oh man they were SO LOUD :smiley:

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Both side should sound the same. If one side is more noisy check it, disassembly it and assembly again. Check also if You use the same amounth of grease on both side. Bended truck can have influence, depend where and how is bended. Maybe try to move it slightly on side. I do not have it but Iam working with drives I automotive.

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How much Grease you think should be in the case?

Ask directly @moon he have it tested, maybe he have some more ideas. Maybe also this will help.

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