My hummie build thread

I’m just going to start this now that I have nearly enough parts for a nice build.

It all starts with the deck and enclosure. A @hummieee deck and a @BigBen enclosure was my chosen starting point.

Picked up 48 LG HG6 20650’s supposedly putting out 30a cont. for a 120 amp 12s4p. I’m going to try and avoid cutting into the deck.

Benchwheel remote FTW

2x Focboxes (love me my foccers :heart:)

still need motors

I have TB218’s and Boardnamics trucks that could go on this.

have a few boardnamics mounts that would work as well.

and I have some wheels laying around but I’m probably going to buy another set for this one. Believe it or not, I’m leaning towards dickyho airless wheels for this one. That wheel is hard to beat IMO.

looking to see if there is space for a smart BMS on top of those 20650’s. by my measurements it needs to be less than 1cm thick to stand a chance. otherwise…?


@Clone200 here’s an interesting build to follow.
How’s this coming @iamasalmon


Thanks for the bump.
Well, the only thing I haven’t changed my mind on is the enclosure and deck :sweat_smile:
I have SR176’s and 4 press fit plates and motor mounts that don’t fit them, so looking for SR200 RPK’s, will soon break down and pay full price. And… @moon is making gear drives, so I changed my mind about belts. and about just using 2 motors, want 4wd now, this means selling all other shit I have here to pay for it. And the nickel I need for the cells is “in transit”, has been for 2 months.

I did get my wheels in, though but I changed my mind about them before they even arrived.

This build will be my 4th board, all the others are actually working well, so I’m going to take my sweet, sweet time with this one. It’s going to take a loooong time. Thinking about routing phase wires into the deck, as well.

I actually have all parts required to just slap this together right now… Why do we torture ourselves like this?


@akhlut has axles that have the ability to be used on all surfrodz. They’re extended axles which have integrated clamps on them.

I bought a set of 176mm surfrodz from that subsonic thread a few days ago along with a set of those custom axles from Matt. I plan to use them on my hummie too.


Yeah those look nice, but I have my heart set on @moon drives…
Dang you guys reminded me to spend money on this board, I had it in a box tucked away, safely quarantined from my wallet.


Isn’t building it a good part of the fun?
Especially since you have boards you can ride at any time, why bother rushing


What trucks are you using again?

I haven’t ordered them yet.
I have SR176’s. but I think I need Sr200 RPK’s with your drives…

Edit: I have them in my cart right now but I’m thinking I have other bills to pay first @moon :joy:

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Ah was under the impression that you wanted a trampa drive.

haha tossing around the idea of using the drive for this while this board gets built…but maybe the ratios need to be different? IDK, but this board is almost instant 4wd with that top mount box. Room inside for 2 more Focboxes

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You bought mikes trampa???
Also any updates on the hummie build

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Gathering parts, trying not to spend my entire paycheck, heh.

Working on a battery, which got sidetracked by a scooter build :shushing_face:

I got some @Moon drives on the way, stoked about those. Still need the SR200 RPK trucks, wanted to buy but felt chaffed about having to pay that much for longer shoulder bolts :nauseated_face: