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My first Trampa DIY e-MTB, a noob's work

Hey guys, I wanted to share some info about my first build :).
I had a Backfire G2T for a few month, but then decided to build this because literally everyone else has one, and I can’t go to do some rough streets with them while on those longboard wheels. Also, I got this because roads in Paris are completely sh** and at least 40% of the street are on cobblestone or something like that, I do have quite a lot of streets like that beside my house, so it’s sometimes frustrating to carry the board by hand.


I don’t really have a table where I could work with this thing, so I did the most of it on the floor. Using dictionaries to make this bottom elevated to not crush the foot straps.


Good first build. You should really cover the holes in the deck with epoxy. Grip tape will fail and you don’t want to lose your battery to that.

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Is it locite epoxy?



Some more pictures of my board along with an updated topic.


Great effort for a first build! Also agree that those holes should be epoxied for best watertightness


Nice build, I would suggest waterproofing everything, you do not want water or humidity building up inside the enclosure…I use a lot of sealant for glass exposed to bad weather and UV light…You could use the sealant that’s made for car windshield, and heavy epoxy the plugs (switches, charging port, cable channel, etc…) to the enclosure… Always rain on me at Paris…

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I was thinking to buy some large duct tape, and tape it between my battery and my deck. Using a duck tape with a rubber sheet added on top of it to have a maximum of water resistance. Would something like this work? image
The width of this would be 20cm, which would be way enough for sealing the enclosure.

Than will secure a little bit more the battery, but you need to conformal coating the electrical parts, fuse, connectors, etc…

This is my @eboosted 12s8p, I used shrink tube, not to protect agains water, but to put extra strength velcro to secure the battery to the enclosure.

I use this stuff (acrylic coating for electrical connectors, pcb, etc…)

Then I use epoxy to secure connectors like the xt90 against the enclosure, and the charger port…

After, I seal the external exposed areas with the acrylic coating

And at last I use silicon for windows, almost same of the product to seal windshields, all around the enclosure, bolts, wire channels , every little hole…Also I use loctite and seal both sizes of the inserts (which I epoxy to the deck)…

After that, I keep myself paranoid about cutting my balls if I need to open the enclosure again…


Do you have a link to what did you fit here?

I am already a bit paranoid because I have already closed my adhesive on the enclosure and one battery inside of my enclosure came out loose from the hot glue applied on it. So when I ride, I hear it bang against the enclosure when going on rough surfaces.
Thanks for your advice, I think one day once I receive the tape, I am going to open everything again and do the battery part a bit better.

If something is lose on your battery don’t put it on a later date. Open up the thing and get everything sorted out.
Later can be too late very quickly with batteries.

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That is a rubber gasket, you could buy rubber of 6mm and cut it to the shape. Do not use it to cover the entire enclosure from the inside, because it will work again the battery wen it flex and might damage it.

Bro, if something it is loose, open it and fix it, hot glue it is not for securing such a big battery…Otherwise you will be cutting you balls for real…Fire hazard it is no joke at all and it could happen…Please do it ASAP…Use extra strength double side tape at least…

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