My first proper Build

There is a sensored motor from APS with 270kv and I put in a battery with 10 Ah. My range is about 25 km on one charge. I have screwed down my main switch and added a metr pro and the heart and brain of my board is a flipsky vesc 6.6. I’m happy with my build right now. :grin:


Not bad at all! A lot cleaner than my ft!


What motor mount is that? It looks like an enertion clone mount, but longer.

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It’s def not an enertion one, I have a set of them hanging around and that’s got a lot more bulk around the hangar.

Unless mine are a different version

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Is that a 9mm belt? Must be nice when a single 9mm belt is enough :smiley:

I adopted the design from a thingiverse object, but adjusted it to my purpose.
Here is the link


Yeah, it’s a 9mm belt

Yeah, that’s the enertion clone mount I was referring to. I like it!

My biggest issue with those mounts is that they are too short.

Angles are a bit too fixed as well, can be annoying in certain circumstances.

Do you mean the distance between the ground and motor?

Where did you get the batteries?

Sort of yes. That design doesn’t allow for much motor angle positioning, most newer mount designs will let you set the motor up and down at any height you want.

I’m using that design in a build at the moment too.

Welcome here.:blush: I got mine from Hobbyking.

I can set the angle in a little range by loosing the three screws, that are holding the plate in place.

I know, it’s a good design. Gives you a little wiggle room. As I said I’m using them as well.

My other mounts let me angle the motor at like a 270 degree arc around the clamp.

What if I release my design?

And it has so much torque, that my motorwheel is loosing grip to the road :joy:

First test ride I had done some time ago, where I didn’t had a enclosure.

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