My first DIY mountainboard

Hi All let me at first say All here ,thank You for support each others with Your experiences and I would spetialy say thank You to @YeetMeat , @Battery_Mooch , @linsus and @Venom121212 which had most valuable notes to me. Thank You and let me share with my decent build. First idea was to build board in the middle of price and quality range. My first idea was to use MBS pro 97 board just I was waiting on it more than 2months, so I started doubt if I will receive it so I bought like backup Haero Bro deck. Finaly MBS complet arrived so I decide to sold MBS deck and continue with project. Basically, it wasn’t just build, but the development of my motor mounts, the calculation and choice of the right chain drive and the development of my VESC case + searching for quality manufacturers. About tech specifications:
deck: Haero Bro 2021 Dawid Rzaca Pro
trucks: MBS Metal Matrix II Truck and red hard bushings in the back, MBS Matrix II with plastic baseplate and orange bushings in the front
binding: MBS F5wheels: MBS Rockstar 2 and tires MBS T1 8inch
battery: 11s6p from article Samsung 21700-30T 3000mAh - 35A - Reclaimed, calculated range for my weight shoult be approx. 38km
Vesc: Flipsky Dual FSESC6 6 plus ESC Based on VESC6 Pro Switch
remote control: Flipsky VX2
motors: 2x Motor Flipsky 6374 Battle Hardened 140KV 3.5kW
drive: chaindrive 06B, 35/9 pinion hardened teeth, all chemically blackened, calculated max. speed without load 54km/h with a load of about 45km
motor mounts: from ALU 7075, 250g each
Vesc case : 3D printing with risin and matte coating, with an aluminum cooler from the bottomand that ugly box in the middle cost 350 czk :slightly_smiling_face: it is attached from below on silentblocks
Total weight aprofimatly 17kg


Man that enclosure looks really sexy for a top mount! You need to start selling those and matching ones for the battery in the middle.

Really well done.


Thank You :slight_smile:

Nice thread
Sexy chains


Thank You:)

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Nicely done dude! Looking forward to more development on that ESC case!


Thank You a lot. Sure. Iam stay here :slight_smile:


Awesome build! It looks super clean (especially the cable management IMO) :smiley:

Glad I was of some help <3

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It’s almost too pretty to get it dirty dude…

Nice one.

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Thank You so much. Your help how to handle reclaimed batteries was very helpful:)


Thank You. Now no time to clean, just ride :metal: