My First Build I hope you enjoy it

Hi all Esc8 Builders . i’m Samy . i live in Romania about one years ago , i fall in love with this electric skateboard , to day i want to show my first build . hope you like it :slight_smile:

Deck ,with truck’s MBS 95 Pro .
Trampa superstar wheels ,
Evolve tire 150 mm
Motor mount v4.5 @IDEA with, motor pulley 15T and Hubs pulley 60t and belt with a width of 20mm
Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motor (14P)
Enclosure Trampa HS11/HolyPro 35 @eBoosted
Bms bestech d140 , only charge
Vesc Fsesc 6.6 plus
Remote flipsky vx1
Battery samsung 30 Q

To continue to the rest of the parts , i buy new stuff

Ok . and after that this i how i build my battery

This is was the first step to do the balance wire


But after that i cut the wire and i make like this


ok ,let’s move on to the electronics
i make the loop key like this , And sorry for the picture , is not so clear , but i hope to understand :slight_smile:

And also i make a fuse to the charge port

And of all is done

And after , all , my vesc she dead , one side is dead , :frowning:
For the moment i was so close to give up , but after that , I said I’d give him another chance
and i buy another vesc

and now everything works perfectly, except for small changes

And with meilan x5 light kock much better

And first thing . I want to thank you all, who helped me with the information and support me to finish the build ,you guys are awesome :stuck_out_tongue::grinning::grinning::grinning:
Hope you like the topic , and the build , Again thank yow guys :slight_smile:


Great job! Super solid build and I am impressed by your battery construction

How do you like your Vx1?

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For the first time i use , is ok , is work perfect , and no problem with the signal ,and i use in urat mode


Really excellent work for a first build! Really puts a lot of us to shame! I love what you did with your fuse port, quick and easy. Hopefully we get to see more of your builds

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i think next year i will build another one :slight_smile:

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Love the build! Question, how the hell did you get your deck those colors?


What battery welder are you using? The welds look much better than mine!

I remember when you first came on here, and now look at what you’ve put together! Really impressive, man. Congrats!


Amazing build, congrats!

If I may suggest something would be to add fish paper between the pgroups and between the balance wires and cells

Thank you @BillGordon i rimamber

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Is The original color. But i think The Light make The color like this

Every pack îs cover în fish paper. I think îs enought

She îs not mine. It’s frome a friend