My experience with Savage1

I commissioned @Savage1 to make some 10mm axles for me. I Shipped him my trucks in February 2023 so that he could machine and install new axles. He was busy and didn’t have time to machine axles. I kindly asked for my trucks to be shipped back (I will cover shipping) and he has gone unresponsive to for 26 days (while still being active on other parts of the forum). All I want is for my trucks to be shipped back to me.

Detailed Timeline:

1/30/23 I reached out to Savage1 to see if he would be willing to machine some 10mm axles for Matrix 3 trucks. At that time there was no confirmation of MBS making their own 10mm axles yet, so I wanted to see if Savage1 could machine them. He said he could do it and gave me a price. We agreed to move forward, so I had my set of Matrix 3 trucks shipped to his address so that he could machine new axles, install, and ship to me.

2/1/23 Matrix 3 trucks along with 2 sets of extra shock blocks arrived to his place. Savage1 confirmed that they were received.

2/25/23 I messaged to check in if there was a projected timeline for the axles to be done. No response.

3/8/23 Messaged again to check in. Savage1 responded saying he hoped to get to them out within a week.

4/9/23 Messaged to check in if there were any updates. No response

4/13/23 Found out MBS put their own 10mm axles on the website. I messaged Savage1 informing him of this. I said I’m good with him finishing the axles, or if he’s too busy then I could just order the MBS ones. No response

4/18/23 Messaged to check in. No response

4/25/23 Messaged with a request to ship the trucks to me and I’ll just order MBS axles. Savage1 responded with an apology for the delay. Explained personal things going on. I responded saying it was no problem and that we could move forward with just shipping the trucks to me so I could purchase axles from MBS.

4/30/23 Checked in to see if trucks were shipped. No response

5/7/23 Checked in to see if he had a chance to ship trucks. No response

5/13/23 Asked for an update. No response

5/19/23 Asked for some communication. I’ve been extremely patient during this process since January 2023. I have no axles machined - That’s fine. The trucks I purchased are still in his possession and there is no communication. I told him I’m not trying to stir up any trouble, not trying to change anyone’s reputation as a trusted vendor. But at this point I have no other options than to share my experience with the community.

This build has been on hold for 5 months and I’ve patiently waited even when not getting responses for weeks at a time. Every time I messaged or checked in, it was with kindness and patience, never hostile. So now I’m sharing my experience here as I have exhausted all other options of direct communication. Life gets busy, I get it. The lack of communication while still being active on other parts of the forum is what irritates me. All I want are my trucks to be shipped back.




Oh shit. I hope this gets resolved dude.

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Thanks man. I’m not asking a whole lot.


I agree. You should be able to get the stuff you paid for in a reasonable amount of time. Or at least with a basic level of communication. I do think @Savage1 should join in with his side of the story though.

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He didn’t have time to finish making the axles. Life stuff happens, that’s totally fine and I was very understanding. So I’m not asking for machined axles anymore, just for my stock trucks to be shipped to me on my dime. Been waiting 26 days for communication or for them to be shipped.


IMO, if you have something you owe to someone else, and you realize that shit is happening that will interfere with it, then you should reach out to the other person first. With the exception being for cases where you literally can’t update the other person (think sudden medical emergencies or hospital stays).

Having life get in the way is fine but not having proper communication isn’t okay.


Yeah especially where its at the point of months with no response, its not a lot of effort to ship something that size, especially when it already came in a box.


@Savage1 is good people. Shitty situation but life and family always come first. He’s not a shop or a brand, just a dude lending his experience to make high quality stuff. Sometimes personal life catches up and swallows you up, who knows what’s happening on the other side of the fence. No doubt he’ll sort this when he can.

No negativity towards @andoug, I’d be in the same place if it was me. You laid the post out well and clearly, stating your info and side of the story without emotion or bad mouthing. Hope your build gets sorted asap :call_me_hand:


This is totally on me and my fault. What @andoug laid out is correct and he has been a gentleman through the whole experience. I was pretty much out of work from the last week in March , to beginning of May taking care of my daughter, and my head has not been on straight for almost 3 months. I had one truck at home, and one truck at the shop. When I did make it to the shop, I would forget to bring it home to ship. This is no exucuse though, and I truly apologize. My daughter is doing better now, and we have just completely moved all her stuff back in with us.
I was able to ship your trucks yesterday.


At the end of the day family is much more important than this addiction hobby. Glad to hear your daughter is doing better and things are moving in the right direction. No harm done brother :pray::heart:


This is indeed a glorious day for this forum, there was so much potential for going astray in this thread and it didn’t
seems like we’re going through some maturity shit ^^