My Budget Campus board


After following the esk8 forum for a while, I decided to make my own esk8 board. I already had a landyachts kick board around 28"
-90mm flywheel clones
-caliber 2 trucks
-2x 3s 5A
-sk3 280kv motor
-esc is the eBay one that includes the remote.
-the enclosure I made by stacking wooden blocks and cutting them to give the shape I wanted. Then I glued them together and used the wood as a mold to place the fiberglass cloths over.
-i charger through the balance leads w an imax charger. If anyone has an idea of a easy way to cover the circle charging port I had feel free to comment. I was initially gonna 3d print a circular insert the also has a little notch to fit the balance lead connecter. If anyone has ideas lmk!! I will try to update this post w more images seeing how I just switched over from the old forum and am a new member meaning I can only put one image apparently .

Overall this board cost around $300 to make. The ESC I have heard people say is horrible but it has worked great for me so far. I get up to 20mph which I find to be good for a busy campus like mine. The brakes are not the best but they are manageable.

I’d recommend this build for anyone who already has a deck and just wants something small to mess around w. Keep in mind that my board is VERY stiff, and allows for the fiberglass enclosure. I feel like most people on this forum use fiberglass enclosures for longer boards so the load is less concentrated and doesn’t result in deformation of the enclosure. I could be wrong, just something to keep in mind.


I love builds like this. I’ve often thought about powering the front wheel. Please let us know how this performs and any torquesteer or brakesteer you feel.

Is this drive wheel front toeside for you, or front heelside for you?

I like the rear drive on the heelside

Before I even converted it into electric, I added the caliber trucks. It would stray to the left after I installed the trucks. Not sure why but it wasn’t a big deal. It sort of moves left still but not bad. The drive wheel is front toe side

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Does it swerve left or right when you throttle or brake?

Love it. More pictures please.


Interesting how you went with front wheel drive. Is it bad on hills?

Yeah I’ll try to add some more when I get home maybe by just replying to the post

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I live in Central Florida so there’s not many hills on which ive been able to test it on. I honestly didn’t really think it’d matter much where I put it. My logic was that braking would not be the best so by putting the motor ahead of my center of masss it’d help with sort of slowing the board down. Not sure if this is actually true at all though. I just stuck it there mostly so that if I turned with the kicktail I couldn’t accelerate. I didnt want to accidently hold the throttle and then have the board shoot up from me if the front wheels are lifted off the ground.

Definitely doesn’t swerve. I think initially when I started riding it I noticed it had a leftward tendency, however after a day or so I didn’t notice it. It could be ive adapted to it unknowingly but I don’t think it’s a problem that someone considering front wheel should worry about

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That’s quite interesting, I understand your thought process. It’s just intersting because I haven’t seen many people try it out on the front.

My current kicktail build is fwd too. But forward facing for extra enclosure space. Leavening the rear trucks free from any resistance is nice.

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I didn’t even think of reversing the direction of the motors to add space, that’d be a good if I decide to increase battery or something. Thanks for the idea!

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Nice build!
I can see myself launching off curb after curb on that board. The unencumbered rear truck is clutch :+1:

Edit: +1 for more pics!

What kind of motor mount and pulleys did you use?

I got a cheap pully kit from bangood, and then got a motor pully cuz the bore in the kit was too big. I am also using Boardnamics mount