My battery cost 300 my budget is 800 what other parts can i get

So I’ve been browsing I even posted some threads looking for parts and I’ve come to the conclusion that my razor x that goes 10 mph and has 1-mile range is junk. It’s so slow I recently started doing front flips on it with a helmet for fun.
My problems with it are that it

  1. cant climb hills
  2. cant go above 9 mph
    3.has 20 inches of usable foot space
  3. has tiny 80mm wheels
    solution: build an electric skate board
    talked it up with my dad and he said I have $750-800 budget to build my board for a beginning of the school project here some things i would like to be able to do with my board go 25+ mph climb 30%+ hills have 15+ miles of range and a long deck
    can someone suggest a build please?

Make a scooter, see if you can find a used ezip 400 frame for cheap.

Chances are you’ll need a dual drive board, and unfortunately $800 wont cut it…

I have a scooter running 10s4p NCR18650BD with TB6380, does everything you listed above, and more. It cost $600.

35mph top speed, climbs 30° inclines, 30 mile range.

My mtb was twice the cost, does the same thing, but I cant go faster than 15 mph on it otherwise I’ll die.

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Your not going to be able to build a MtB that’s worth it for 800… It’s just not really possible unless you cut a bunch of corners. I would just get the BKB kit when it comes out if I were in your position.


whats a bkb kit?

1 Like aka @BuildKitBoards is coming out with a cheaper but high quality kit that you put together and bam you have a board. Much like the @torqueboards kits. I’m happy to help if you have any more questions, just send over a pm.

if anyone sees this and their selling a mountain board around 750-800 pm please

A little bit out of your budget but this is about what you can get for $1000

But I’d also warn you many people have had issues with the mtb trucks they use as they aren’t very high quality. You can read more about that here

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