mY alliexpress pirated or what experience.

Want a job, new friend?

Fugggg :disappointed:


It’s pretty normal for companies to outsource production to companies in China.

And it’s pretty normal for those contract manufacturers to produce more than was ordered, and then sell the rest through channels like Ali or Amazon.

So it’s also normal for companies to hire different contract manufacturers produce different components, so that no single manufacturer can assemble a complete unit. Hence the visors in non-standard colors.

I’d be concerned about the quality of the liner - it might be what Shoei specified, but it might just be whatever the shop next door happened to have in stock after their last production run of ice chests or laptop packages.

They arent made in china. Full stop. Stop giving scammers and counterfitters money. Especially with safety gear that can and will save your life.


Let me give you a tip on money management (certified top G here ofcourse), if you buy a helmet, there are far far cheaper options THAT ARE CERTIFIED AND YOU CAN TRY OUT in the store next door. Why spend so much money on something thats most likely fake and looks shit too. You just shot both of your feet here buddy, you paid too much for a piece of protection you can never trust as real.

If i sell you “yeezys” (or whatever the frig ugly shoes people run now and yes i had to google the name) for 10 bucks and claim “they fell off a truck” would you really believe me, i mean really? No you wouldnt. So what do i do? I up the price so it sounds believable, what if i sold you those “yeezys” for, lets say 100, and let you play mindgames yourself, it sounds more believable and i sell it for more too. You just scammed yourself, ez game, skill issue and you have worse shoes than if you just went to the store, got shoes you can try out and are cheaper.


Dude, Im a moldmaker, I have designed products. I KNOW how products are made. I know where corners would be cut. I have an eye for detail. YES, the fake helmets have generic interior in some of them. Fake stickers on others. I got a SHOEI helmet. As was said, they are handmade. Thus, cheap labor in china, would produce obvious copies.

I know all about undercutting my own nest, as Americans have been undercutting us moldmakers for years. A top of the line racing helmet, is not a fake yeezy. To produce a viable fake product, you have to be almost comparable. That means, companies that make oem.

I see all the sellers of x15 helmets, are priced within pennies, thus Shoei has agreements with suppliers, that NO DISCOUnTS unless we say.

Im still trying to make sense of this. I understand the realities of economics. But the helmet I have is SHOEI.

From the Shoei website:


Few characteristics of a motorcycle helmet are as critical as its first-layer defense. A helmet’s shell absorbs the impact energy in the event of a fall, and distributes that energy over the largest possible area. Combining hand-laid interwoven layers of fiberglass with organic fibers and resin, SHOEI’s proprietary Multi-Ply Matrix AIM & AIM+ shells are not only incredibly strong, they are lightweight, elastic, and come in an industry-leading number of shell sizes to ensure a custom fit for all heads sizes.

From the Ali website

Helmet Material Abs

You can scan objects nowadays very precisely, look up FARO scanners.

Only way to know is a one to one comparison on ejection pins, mould lines, weight, etc.

And also you wished it was a pair of yeezys, those dont protect your noggin.

In that same description, it says material is composite fibers. It also says the safety ratings. I will soon be dismantling the interior to install sound. I expect to find those rating stickers. As well as date of manufacture.

The added parts from Shoei, are abs. All those vents etc.

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I watched moldmakers copy a world famous golf club head. I know all about it.


Let him have his illusion. He won’t change his mind.

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POV: your sat there with your £170 genuine fox helmet which was on discount at the end of the year due to fox bringing out new 2023 colour variations.

never buy protective gear from anywhere but a proper motorbike/motocross shop. little jimmy bought his helmet from china, little jimmys head got turned to mince meat, now the video of little jimmy being pulped is on a subreddit


I fully expected to be ripped off. I was shocked to find I was gifted.

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got some batteries and 2 lcd phone displays from aliexpress, one worked (with mild burn in), second didnt, but it was fairly cheap

And? You can have two fake helmets, one protects your noggin with a mild concussion, the other one splits open and you’re left with half of your brain on the asphalt. Things like protective / safety gear cannot be left up to chance. It’s why virtually everyone here riding over 40mph wear non-aliexpress motorcycle helmets.

Post pictures of the helmet you received. If you are so right prove us wrong. Exterior front, back, side and pads removed. Otherwise enjoy your mental gymnastics.

If this a genuine x15 you could prove this with 4 simple photos.

I’ve ridden motorcycles for over 15 years. I’ve seen TONS of people with fake helemts. Everyone and there brother wants to cheap out of saftey gear and it blows my mind. SHOEI, ARAI, AGV and even Bell are constantly cloned then sold as fakes on ebay, Amazon and of course the good old Ali. People litterally die from these helemts. Prove it or gtfo.


When I install sound, I will take pics. I can see them faking some lesser company, but Shoei is too good to fake cheaply.

I could have gotten a garish painted one for the same dough.

I seriously can’t tell if you are trolling or not lol.

Thats litterally not how counterfiting works. People dont counterfit cheap stuff because there is zero value or desire for cheap or “lesser” branded stuff. Guess what has value? Expensive name brand items. This is the reason people counterfit US currencey and arent out there making counterfit Venezuelan currency. There is no market or margin for it lol. This is the reason people counterfit apple products and not some cheap random brand.


This is why I put a question mark in my title. I dont know what to call it. If they put out dangerous fakes, alie will pull their stuff. I am just stating my findings, it is a Shoei helmet.

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No they wont lol. Prove it.