Multiple remotes on 6.6 Dual FSESC

Hi Guys,

Silly question, using Flipsky 6.6 Dual Plus ESC gives me two uart ports.

Is it possible to connect Trampa Wand receiver you one of them and Flipsky VX2 to second one? Will that work?

Of course I will not be using them in same time, but maybe one for remote and second one for app.

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I’m guessing you can use the trampa wand receiver as a “BT module” like HM10 modules. Obviously, main side should have the remote receiver connected to it. I personally haven’t tried this nor the need to.

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Yes, this particular combo does work. Flipsky VX2, Trampa Wand on a Flipsky 6.6 dual. I recently tried it when I was having issues with the wand. Works fine. Just be sure to only power one at a time. Also, that VESC has another Port that shows a TX/RX that presumably can be used as a UART. (Item 7) on the manual schematic. I couldn’t get comms working with it. Think it is only power and PWM in.

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Thanks guys :slight_smile: