mullet setup for fast woods single track

I had a thought and just wanted to get some feedback. I mtn bike as well as skate. mullet setups in the bike world are just a 29in tire in the front, typically a 27.5 in the back and the idea is that it creates an incredibly fast and stable ride while also allowing you to maneuver and turn with ease. Has anyone tried this on a board, maybe 9in front, 8in back? Just a thought that popped in my head. Thanks.

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Yeah some people rock 8" on the front and 9" in the back on their mountainboard setups. Usually the front is smaller for more agility and for less weight when lifting it


The naming convention a seems off, that sounds more like flock of seaguls

Where as this is a mullet

I did this for a night, the 15mm difference and subsequent lean felt weird



this is actualy a sub set of the mullet. This is a classic Camero crash helmet,as opposed to say a Kentucky water fall,or an AchEy BreakE big MistakE

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