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(MTL) DIY, Flaco build, Dual-6374 (170kv) 12s8p 20700, Unity, Vx1

There is gonna be some copy pasta here from my facebook posts. I’m from Montreal.

Probably one of the hardest decisions I want to make happen. I am selling my DIY beast. Why? I don’t have that esk8 flare like I used to, I love riding but I also am looking forward to trying other things.
I want to sell this pup off for 3k canadian, parts list and costs in the image bellow as well as pictures. Not going to part out.

80-120km range (I’ve tested 90km with 20% remaining)
58km/h - 36mph tested (It has a 60/20 ratio)
A god damn good ride.

What does it include?
*Metr Plus fitted for the Unity (If you want the stock bluetooth I can toss it in)

  • 12s Charger (4.5a ~charge time of 3ish hours)
  • Extra risers
  • About 10-15 extra tubes
  • 1 new and 1 worn belts
  • 2 brand new tires and 2 worn tires
  • 2 extra steel 18t pulleys (there is 20t steel on currently)
  • Single Red Shredlight (the newer waterproof one)
  • Ill throw in the idlers from Janeux as well, 2 aren’t working well but the other 2 are alright. (The board is tensionned perfectly so no chances of skips.)

All prices are in CAD. I am asking for 3,000 cad for the whole build at the moment. This is probably the best chance to get a top spec DIY board.


Edit I am bumping the price down to 2750cad. Might be the lowest I can go for the time being.

how many kms have you ridden it?

I’ve ridden it for maybe 500-600km. I’ve charged it maybe 50+ times, but I had finished upgrading and fixing it up since 2 months ago.

Yeah sorry man this price is just too high, you can’t charge for your labor lol


How much is reasonable do you think?

Edit: or better question is how much would you take this for if I could lower the price even more?

IDK but 2 grand usd seems like an ok price to me for what you get. I can see trying to get it down a bit lower though.


Oh I didn’t see you lowered it, yeah around 2k would be fair. Prob move it fast at 1900. An unknown battery source can take down the price unfortunately

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Yeah I got a buyer for 2K usd/ 2650 cad


So the battery is $1100 and another $400 for labor? Or is it $1100 total?

@Myke the labor costs are separate. It’s what he would be charging if you were to ask him to do one for you at that size. Hes our trusted battery builder here in Montreal.

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@Skunk are you sure you dont need another build? This one is already flared up :stuck_out_tongue:

I do actually. I only have this fucking riptide now.

*love how the #fuckpushing thing caught on lol


@Skunk Strike a deal with him. I’ll add an extra sticker in package since you like em so much :joy::kissing_heart:



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Boys, I sold my board over the weekend. and literally built my bike as I sold it. Godspeed to you all, I will probably just make a last mile board and use this bike as the road killer. Sold the board for 2k USD, was pretty fair considering everything Canada, taxes, fees and all.


dayyumm, looks clean af

Circuit this weekend?

Do you have more info about this build? I’m also splitting my time between esk8 and biking