Mountainboard Motor Mounts and Pulleys

I’m looking for another set of motor mounts for my board, I want to make it a 4X4

I have this one mounts

And I’m looking for another pair of mounts that it’s the same, or 2 paires of other mounts that work with these trucks


I also need need two 72 T wheels pulley, the same as this ones

Or 2 paires wheels pulleys that fit these wheels

PM me with you offers

Flipsky has a father’s day sales and the items you looking also on sale.

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Thanks I will look into it

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Unfortunately they only sell the entire set wheels, trucks, mounts and motor
I only need the back wheels and mounts


@Dickyho is your only hope but his in hiding because of the pandemic.


L-Faster on aliexpress has similar mounts. He also sells the wheels with pulleys, but not sure if he sells pulleys without wheels, try to browse his store.

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Thanks for the info, I fund some even cheaper but if it wasn´t for you I wouldn’t find them

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Cool. It must be new listing, because I just got in my aliexpress recommendations as well. It’s awesome price for the mount.

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For sure
Now I need to sell the motor mount that I already have :sweat_smile: