Mountain board deck

Any recommendations for mountain board deck instead of tram pa or something like lacroix deck?

@MarkOneBoards or an MBS maybe?

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Mbs, Lacroix, Kaly (if you can find one), Colab, Haero (again, have to find one or get enough people interested for another run of them).

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what exactly are you looking for? Whats wrong with trampa / lacroix? If cost go MBS. If you want great binding deck haero. If you want great carver, Kaly / lacroix

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Honestly Trampa and Lacroix are kinda ugly


hasn’t been mentioned yet

i think it would help if you tell everyone what you don’t like about trampa and lacroix decks, so they can point you in the right direction


Kaly (if you can find one)

Actually @Sender received a few blanck decks from @Kaly the other day. @Apollo383 should ask him x availability. Who knows? Perhaps he may get one of them senderized chicks.

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