Motorized snowboard for street carving

I’m not sure if I’ll fabricate the motor mount with aluminum or if I should buy a standard e-skate mount and improvise the attachment to the board. I have no idea what kind of power and speed the 6374, 180 kv Torque Boards motor will produce with the 80 tooth wheel pulley and 16 tooth motor pulley, which is for a scooter. I’ll be sending it back since it’s not compatible with the motor, being that it’s a D-bore.

If anyone has any feedback on my choice of gear ratio or suggestions for a better gear ratios I’d be interested in hearing from you. The wheel is 12 inches. The battery is 36v, 10 ah/480 wh.


start here:

IMO youll want a larger ratio unless you’re really prioritizing top speed over torque.

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Awesome. Thanks a lot!


An e-flowboard nice

A few people here said they could make turns without much of a slope, which is hard to believe. Every one ive ever ridden was slow as shit.