Motor Trouble (Urgent)

This is probably just me being an idiot, but my tb DD motors will spin when I first configure them in the vesc, but after a couple of times hitting the throttle the motors stop working again, the motors are cool to the touch, and there arent any faults. Its almost like the escs just “forget” their programming. Do I need to adjust my baudrate or something? Or is it a soldering problem? Anyway, any help or feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Give us as much info as possible. There are so many reasons for motor funkiness. Pics of your setup/wiring would be helpful.

Have you used any of the components before successfully?

Have you made any changes recently, even small ones?


I cant give any pics, bad camera, but ive recently made the switch to off road tires and in turn, upped motor amps to 100 from 80, ive got TB 6 vescs, stacked on top of each other (probably not optimal, but its the only way they fit) ive also upped the battery amps from 50 to 100, but thats limited by the bms to 50a cont and 100a burst. Thats about all I can think of, except for turning on data sampling.

Im gonna change everything back to how it was before and see if that helps.

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Perfect place to start troubleshooting. We’re you using the tb6 before you swapped other things around?


I just finished resetting everything, and now one of the motors spins, so im gonna go check the can bus.

Screenshot motor detection results if you can

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so… the usb port just decided to pop out in my hand on one of my vescs, so I think I may need to do something about that : D

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VESC ID : 111
Motor current : 8.89 A
Motor R : 759.10 mΩ
Motor L : 393.63 µH
Motor Flux Linkage : 6.83 mWb
Temp Comp : False
Sensors : Sensorless


it wont even acknowledge the sensors or the other motor

Sorry spam posts, but i think ive gotten the can bus to work by taking the casing off the vescs and then putting the casing back on. :smiley: I have absolutely no clue how this helped. Anyway, Im now updating some firmware so im gonna try motor configuration again.

This detection results are really bad, resistance and inductance are way higher than it should be

Check all phase connections


Yeah, I redid it and now ive got one motor spinning well:
VESC ID : 111
Motor current : 25.85 A
Motor R : 89.80 mΩ
Motor L : 33.13 µH
Motor Flux Linkage : 6.42 mWb
Temp Comp : False
Sensors : Hall Sensors

but it wont acknowledge the can bus, maybe I screwed up a firmware download?

Could it be, connect to the other one directly with the CAN bus disconnected and see if you can detect the motor

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sadly the usb port on the other vesc decided to pop off in my hand hand I dont have a soldering iron around

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I think my issue now is that whenever I scan for the can bus, it says that can bus is “CAN bus support is not enabled in this build of VESC Tool.”

I have the same problem… did you solve it?

no, I asked some teachers, who asked some professors, who said there was really nothing I could do, I am messaging torqueboards about this though, so I might figure something out soon.