Motor suggestions, 4WD, 20s

Soon I will be building a 4WD MTB board (9inch tyres). I’m going to run this at 20s. Now I am looking for motors, but I want some input from the community.

The motors will be mounted on the Finality AT Gear Drive. I still have the option to go for 1: 4 or 1: 5 and 8 or 10mm axle (but I prefer 10mm).

I’m thinking of going for 6364 or 6374. But I don’t see many options to choose from.

This APS motor has my interest, 130kV would give me a speed of 70km/h. But I am looking for alternatives…


This one is also 130kv and is sealed (looks like a maytech)

btw. what esc are you going to use at 20s ?

4 Likes™-turbine™-series-6542-motor-hypertrucks-fit

63100 140KV Sensored Version Brushless Motor for Electric Skateboard s – Ant Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. i think they do kv customization on 4pcs


Yes, it is a Maytech motor. I think I go for open motors when I go for maytech … I have some bad experience with maytech closed motors.

Stormcore 100D

Looks like a great motor but at a high price.

Thanks! Let me check those :slight_smile:

I thought they recommend 18s? I was wondering why they called it 100 when they don’t run it even close to that.


After seeing this geezer, I’m wondering whether there could be any practical need to go bigger than 4x 6374s. Just getting the most out of those alone will get you through 4 new soft, wide tyres every 100 km and you’ll need the core physique of a Greek God.

Whatever happened to those ReacherTech motors? I think @3DServisas was messing around with them. Can’t remember who else. Are they up to scratch?

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hey @Brently I found you a buddy


def following - would love to know how many A you plan on running through the stormys at 20S and why

edit - gotta be honest you might wana use a diff motor than APS - I’ve broken quite a few, and while they do replace them, it takes weeks/months sometimes.

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Correct but 20s is possible

My brother has a 100D on 20s with 2x APS 80100. Motor amps on 80A and battery current on 75A. When he is more used to it, it could be set higher.

Good to hear, Right now I have maytech 90KV 6374 in my head.

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sick! any logs to share for long rides?

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How much time until you buy motors?

ASAP… Why?

I have to take a look, his board was broken for a long time … Stupid 12mm axles, now reduced to 10mm

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In the next 2-3 months ill be stocking Reacher tech motors…


I’m not at a computer so I’m not going to do the maths…
But gear it high, as high as you want.

My 4wd running streetwing (may tech) 6374 motors wheels pins very easily on roads, despite being geared as the following.
12s battery, 190kv motor, 15/58 (I’m pretty sure) on 8 inch tyres.
Around 42-45mph with no rpm limit (but of course there is one)

In the video I was running 7inch tyres.

So yeah, if using it for onroad gear as high as you want, could likely get away with 70mph and still break and accelerate faster than an evolve (not that that is saying a lot though)

If going for off road, I would gear for 25-30mph, and not worry about really high power motors. Even the old trampa motors at 2400 Watts would be suitable.