Motor stuttered the stopped responding

I was riding my eMTB trampa last night, having a blast and as I was slowing down my board sounded like something rubbing the tire. Looked it over while buddy was swapping his battery and thought all is good. Took off again and it was very noticeable, lifted the rear wheels and only one was moving. So I unplugged and gave it a couple mins and tried again with same results, so I swapped the rx wire to esc 1 and hooked up to the vesc mobile tool and got it working with just one motor. When I got back to my hotel I let everything cool down for a little while and then tore into it, didn’t see any loose or cut wires on the vesc side or on the motors (haven’t pulled them to confirm inside of the motors yet. I tried hooking to the mobile tool to update both vescs. Now I get a message saying make sure it’s the com port that belongs to the vesc. The lights flash blue and red for a sec or two, then solid blue. I don’t have my laptop with me to try and hook up via non mobile. Any advice?

What vesc you running?


My dual fsesc 6.6 is giving me similar issues, after hard riding it almost seems to go into “limp mode” this is scary because its un predictable, but if I dont dobyou many hills it seems to be fine. Not exactly sure what this is.

Yeah on the ride home with just one motor it would randomly “kick” if I had weight on the rear, if I leaned forward it seemed fine for the most part.

Ok yeah! Same issue! It “kicks” dang I really hope someone knows what this is. I noticed on my metr pro when this started happening there was a 5-6amp difference in current between my two motors. Also when I got off the board and gave it full throttle one motor did not spin at all while the other one barely spun. So I rewrote my settings to my vesc using the metr app and it seemed to fix it until I got going uphill again.

Update! I have both motors spinning and I took a test ride around the hotel, seems to be working fine but no reverse, it tries to but something isn’t right. I ended up swapping my dongle to the opposite vesc and was able to connect to the app, did the fw flash, and set my old settings in. I think ima flash back to completely factory and just not worry about reverse. Then I’ll go out later and try to ride the batteries down

I have the similar problem after config via Android app. The motors start to “kick” after a while of riding and it gets worse later the ride.
It happens for both my metr pro module and Trampa dongle. Do you guys think it has anything to do with the vesc android app? I might try desktop app too see if the problem still exists.

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I flashed it again after the test ride earlier with reverse stuttering. Everything just factory settings and it rode good around the parking lot. I’ll ride around after work and see how it is, fingers crossed lol