Motor size and battery efficiency

I’m running 6384 boardnamics motors on the eovan 12s4p 855 wh battery. My question is this, I am only running around 40-80 amps for both motors combined depending on what I am trying to achieve, and obviously this doesn’t utilize the 4000 watt potential that these motors have. I got about 27 miles of range out of my battery the other day running speeds 15-25mph usually and at times speeds of 30-40mph dashes. If I were to swap my motors with ones that were a smaller size and wattage like 6354s 2500 watts, since that would be more in the appropriate amperage range for the battery, would I get a better performance from the battery and motors range wise due to it operating more efficiently?? I’d really like to know if I’m not only bottlenecking my motors but also actually affecting efficiency performance of the electronics

Any reduction of the current being drawn from a li-ion cell increases its efficiency. This reduces voltage sag, increasing riding time, and extending cell life.

For ultra-high capacity 18650’s (above 3000mAh) and 21700’s (above 4800mAh) you typically want to stay at or below 50% of the continuous current rating (for continuous or burst use). For lower capacity cells, with higher current ratings, you can typically get up to around 75% of the continuous current rating before the voltage sag starts getting a lot worse. For the best performing cells you can approach 100% of the rating.

All that has to be balanced of course with the requirements for the size, weight, and cost of the pack. Sometimes you just have to run the cells really, really hard to get the things that are higher priority (small pack, etc.).

Going to lower power-rated motors might not lead to better efficiency though if you find yourself compensating for the lower power by accelerating for longer (causing more voltage sag and hitting the low voltage cutoff sooner), running at a higher throttle setting, etc. You could potentially end up drawing more current than you were before in order to get the performance you want.