Motor selection for a new build

Looking for the ideal motors for my build. I have an 18s7p Battery paired with an SKP solo.
I’m looking for a bit of torque but mostly leaning towards top speed.
I was looking at Flipsky 6384 motors at 170kv but i’m open to all suggestions.


You pretty much already have the best bang for the buck so there’s not much to do here

If you want to ball out you could get reachers from skyart or radium


I vote reachers as well. That way you are able to use all that power you paid for with the battery and esc. I’m using Radium motors right now at 130 motor amps(also using a Solo) and they have been amazing so far, no regrets.


In my opinion its worth spending extra for assured reliability and longevity. I’ve spent over 200 hours testing and refining the V5 motor that we designed with Reacher, with the primary goal of reliability and I’m confident that they are now the toughest most long lasting eskate motors by a long way. They are also very efficient and have noticebly lower rolling resistance than even the 6374 motors I’ve tested.

Of course I’m biased but it just seems like people are replacing broken motors all the time because they are all designed by engineers that do not skate whereas the Reacher V5 is the first eskate motor that was designed and refined by an Australian that rides almost every day.