Motor pulley and wheel pulley question...

My current setup for my dual belt motors is 15T/36T. The max speed is 28mph on Urethane wheels(97mm). I was wondering if i could upgrade the speed without changing the wheels. I like doing long range riding and I want my motors to consume less energy without swapping the wheels.

I was wondering if I change the motor pulley to 20t. Will that increase the speed? Will the torque be the same(braking and hill climbing performance)?



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Do you want more speed, or to consume less energy?

Just going from 15T to 20T you will have slightly less than a 33% speed boost and slightly more than a 25% torque decrease, distance will be pretty similar (more from optimal speed but less from increased air resistance and friction)


I want the way I am seeing it is… if I keep the wheels the same. I could keep my 55 miles range with speed increase. The motor output should be the same. It just the gears ratio is spinning the wheels faster. Thats how it works, right?

No; increasing the top speed will almost certainly reduce your range.

Really!! Even if the motor is pushing less amp with more.teeth on motor pulley.? Thats crazy.

your system is now less efficient for the motor to work, even achieving the same speed while using a 20T pulley would consume more energy.

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and personally, I would swap out the 36T wheel pulley for the 32T instead of changing the motor pulley to 20T. More ground clearance.


Buut you need to tighten your belts more :rofl: (theoretically)

Only if you weigh like 300lbs and your brakes are hard asf

You’d actually be pushing more amps since you’re losing mechanical advantage in gearing, so the motor needs to work harder to keep you moving. It’s like trying to accelerate from a standstill in 2nd gear rather than 1st, you do get a higher top speed, but you’re going to be lugging the engine more.

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A much better/easier-to-understand explanation than mine. Cheers

That’s wrong. You would be pulling more motor amps.

One of the major sources of loss on an esk8 is aerodynamic drag, which increases with the square of the speed. Doubling your speed doesn’t double the drag, it goes up by 8x.
On top of that, to get the same torque at the wheel to maintain the same speed, the motor now needs more torque due to having less gear reduction.
As mentioned above, the speed increase comes with a pretty much equal loss of torque (power = torque x speed. Increase speed, and torque must go down for the same power).
Your range at the same speed will probably decrease slightly, and your range at your new top speed will be significantly lower than the range you have at your current top speed.

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Is it more efficient to run a dual drive setup compared to a single? I guess changing the gearing to give same speed but keeping everything else the same.