Motor Mounts, Motors, etc... for DIY Builds

Hi guys
I worked lot on parts for our Mountainboards and have set up an shop at ETSY with many parts I make and also parts I have on stock.

Let me know if you have questions, be happy to respond.
Pricing goes from 50 to 320.-.

Here some pics of what I have in the shop:


What trucks do these fit?

How thick are they? What alloy are they?

Smaller recommendation for your 80xx motor mounts. Include the mounting hole pattern in the product description.
80xx motors do have different mounting patterns depending on the manufacturer. If those mounts are made for the leopard 8072 motors, than those mounts will not fit 8085-80100 motors from freerchobby, flipsky, Alien Power Systems etc.


Hi Andy, yes, made for the Leopard 8072 motors. Thanks for pointing that out.

Thickness of the Mounts (both for the 63MM and 80MM Motors) is 1/2 inch or 12.6MM - Alu 6061 and all threads are formed, not cut. Guess you know formed last significantly longer than cut threads.

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I have a few that fit MBS Matrix II and Trampa Infinity Trucks.

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In before the Matrix II ones are gone right away

b264, if you want to order you can order on my etsy page. Its the easiest that way.
Thanks bud.

Is it me or are those motors pretty good deals?? Your stuff looks pretty decent at least,

$45 for the 6374 motors seems very cheap to me.

Hi, yes, too cheap. They sell for 85.- British Pounds excluding shipping. They great motors.

Could you make mounts for apex airs?

What’s the reason for the unusual price, if you don’t mind my asking?

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I Deeif, unfortunately not today. Maybe in the future. Just too much to do at the moment. But thanks for asking.

Just a lot of stock I need to reduce. So want to make it attractive to sell it fast - this is all perfect stuff, never used and new. Only the two last MBS Matrix II Motor Mount sets are not perfect … I have the chamfer not nicely done, this is only visual…and will not impact strength of function - and I do mention it in the text on Etsy. However, they are my last, once their gone their gone. Seems like not many peoples use MBS Trucks for their electric builds.

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