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Motor mount ideas for Gullwing Sidewinder II truck

I have a sidewinder truck from a sector9 complete longboard I bought back in 2013, and I’ve been struggling to design a PETG (3d print material) motor mount that fits on its curvature. These are the some iterations that I went through to reach a rather satisfying fit (ordered from left to right, top to bottom):

Here it is on the truck (part of the mount got damaged by a rock):

Thing is… I designed them to work with a whopping 25mm thicc timing belt, and now I want to switch to a 15mm belt to fit two motors on the rear. So I’m gonna have to design a new “grip” for the curvature closer to the wheel OR a mount that screws on sideways to the grip that I am using so that it can be moved closer to the wheel. But I’d rather have a mount that can slide and fit on the truck like the ones made for caliber trucks.

I’m thinking of printing a long, hollow cylinder, sliding it on each the arm of the truck, and filling the hollow space with epoxy so that a mount designed to interface with it can slide and be tightened in a spot that I want. Cylinder will have a keyway of sorts to prevent rotation of mount. One major problem with this is getting the epoxied cylinder to be in perfect alignment with the axle so that the motor mount goes perpendicularly to it. Worried about ruining my only set of trucks… Never worked with epoxy before either. Could anyone chime in with tips or foreseeable problems with me doing this?


Why not just get Dickyho mounts and call it a day?

I think the best bet is to lathe the hangar perfectly round and then drive a screw into the hangar where you want the mount and then the mount gets impaled on the screw, that way the force is transferred to metal


My 2c
Buy calibers & mounts, second hand on forum.
Look at cheap/free thread
Best solution for time and cost and robustness.
Filament and time and risk of failure etc.
Sliding printed mounts sounds difficult.
Search, theres some cheap used stuff on here.
Lathing hangar round will weaken that truck, time and cost benefit is marginal …?

Edit - look here for prior examples of similar idea

Could print the tube in 2 pieces that clip together in middle of hangar to keep them parallel.
Maybe design exterior of tube with a splined interface rather than (as well as) a grub screw ?
Could also design a spacer/ plug/jig for each end with an 8dia hole which could fit within the tube and hold it concentric to axle while you epoxy cast inside it…?