Motor mount creation / 30mm -44mm motor hole / 50xx-63xx motor mount

Hi everyone,
I always want to make something from scratch well I have to start with the motor mount …then other part will follow with the hope of building a custom board and brand around my iteration lol who knows where it will go.
Anyway I want to share with you the work in progress around the design and the creation of the motor mount and get your input/suggestion to improve.
Also getting to know if you would be interested in such type of motor mount.
So far here is two different model based on the clamp system and insert that will be available for every kind of truck, a adjustable cross bar system on top/ bottom and the rear for stability and protection and a dual idler system…
The material use will be some strong alloy either 6061 - 7017 - 2017 and the thickness is 10mm all the way for the first and 10mm to 8mm around the motor for the second.
First CNC test in a few hours :wink:


Do you have any previous CNC design experience?

If not, you should look into design optimizations for CNC. making a few prototypes is fine, but if you’re making hundreds, small optimizations in the design to can save you lots of time and money


It is something I am learning … hopefully I am working with an experienced CNC operator :wink: he will advise me for the design optimization but it is definitely a point to prioritize once at scale. Thanks for your input

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